Technology & Products / 03.06.2020
Technology & Products / 03.06.2020

HELLA launches series production of innovative light carpet in China

  • Product launch marks a milestone of HELLA’s strategy to localize car body lighting solutions in China
  • Innovative light carpet is based on Micro lens array (MLA) technology with light projection function

Changchun,03.06.2020 Lighting and electronics expert HELLA successfully launched series production of its innovative light carpet in China. HELLA undertakes the system development of light carpet from design, validation to delivery. The production for a Chinese manufacturer started at HELLA’s plant in Changchun beginning of this year.


“At HELLA, we are following a clear local for local approach to meet customer requirements in the best possible way. The product launch of the light carpet marks a milestone for HELLA in China regarding further localization of car body lighting solutions”, said Chai Yuanyuan, director of interior lighting, car body lighting and radome product center Asia Pacific. “This enables us to even better support our local customers in creating individualized solutions to differentiate their brands and vehicles as well as to take full use of the growth potential in the area of car body lighting in the Chinese market.”


HELLA’s innovative light carpet is based on Micro lens array (MLA) technology with light projection function. The design of these lenses is particularly unique as each lens is made up of many micro lenses. It combines a large number of these small projectors, enabling generation of a bright and customized light pattern and even projection in the same direction to a distance over 4 meters. Whenever the cover of the LED module becomes slightly dirty in a few areas, there are always plenty of other lenses pointed toward the same area to ensure homogeneous illumination. In addition, the projection of the graphic will not have any movement by closing or opening the vehicle door as the module is installed under the door sill. With coming home and leaving home scenarios, the light carpet makes further contribution to vehicle individualization.



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