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Since 1996 the HELLA Business Division Electronics is active in China. So far 3 plants have been established, HELLA Shanghai Electronics Co.,Ltd(HSE), and HELLA(Xiamen) Electronic Device Co.,Ltd (HED), HSE was founded in 1996 and in 2006 was converted into a 100% subsidiary of Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.  HED was founded in 2012, a new family of HELLA China Electronics.


Hella Shanghai Electronics Co.,Ltd

HELLA Shanghai Electronics Co., Ltd. (HSE) is a development and manufacturing center for HELLA in China and Asia Pacific for research & design activities and manufacturing of automotive electronics. At present HSE has over 1600 employees, amongst them are more than 200 professional engineers engaged in design & development activities. The expansion of the laboratory, workshop and warehouse of HSE began in 2011 and will be completed in 2012, with a total area of 11,600 square meters. The main products of HSE are automotive electronics and electronic components, including body control modules, remote keys (both keyless entry systems and key start systems), memory seat modules, pedal sensors, vacuum pumps etc. The customers of HSE are domestic and leading international automobile manufacturers and body system manufacturers.

上海海拉电子有限公司 上海海拉电子有限公司 上海海拉电子有限公司



Facts & Figures


Headcount by end of 2017/2018 1611
Location  No. 411, Jian Ye Road
 Shanghai, China
Product Range
  • Electronics
    BCM (Body Control Module) /
    CCU (Comfort Control Unit)
    Passive Entry/Go System
    Remote Control Key
    Build to Print (BtP)
  • Sensors & Actuators
    Accelerator Pedal Sensor ( APS )
    (CIPOS) Contactless Inductive Position Sensor
    Rain / Light / Solar / Humidity Sensor
    Engine Oil Management Sensor
    Vacuum Pump
    Headlamp Leveling System
    Headlamp Cleaning System
    Central Locking Actuator
    Actuators for Air Conditioning System
    Engine Compartment Actuators
  • Energy Management
    Power Electronics – DC / DC Converters
    Fuel Pump Control Module
    Battery Management





Facts & Figures


Headcount by end of 2017/2018 244
Location No.36 Second East Haijing Road, Amoy Export Processing Zone (AEPZ)
Product Range Relay



HELLA (Xiamen) Electronic Device Co., Ltd

HELLA (Xiamen) Electronic Device Co., Ltd (Abbreviation HED) is a wholly owned subsidiary plant of HELLA group which was registered in Aug. 2011 and officially opened in 2012. HED located in Torch High-tech Zone of Xiamen and will be committed to produce automotive electronics control products, which are widely used at auto controlling system, lock system, car window regulator, sunroof controlling, seat adjustment, light controlling, cooling system, ABS system, etc. The company’s main customers are SVW, FAW, GM Shanghai, Hyundai and other OEM plants as well as Delphi, YAZAKI and other tier 1 supplier companies. It has passed the TS16949 quality system assessment accredited by a third party and TUV audit in May, 2012.

HELLA (Xiamen) Electronic Device Co., Ltd HELLA (Xiamen) Electronic Device Co., Ltd HELLA (Xiamen) Electronic Device Co., Ltd



Facts & Figures


Headcount by end of 2017/2018 263
Location First Floor, No.1446 Jicheng Road, Tongji Park, Torch Hi-tech Zone, Xiamen, China
Product Range Relay





We currently have four technical centers under HELLA GE in APC, located in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Xiamen in China, and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The HELLA Shanghai Electronics (HSE) Technical Center, the biggest of the four, has a rich pool of expertise and know-how in the design and development of body electronics and mechanical components. As renowned system suppliers, the technical centers in Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City have inherited German-originated design concepts for Body Control Modules (BCM) that perfectly fit vehicles in China with consistent quality and competitive cost. In addition, customers have access to our localized services covering everything from system requirement analysis through to system architecture design, detailed product design, testing and validation, system integration and on-vehicle testing. With its success in the development of sensors and actuators, HSE has become a globally recognized leader in this particular technology and market segment.  In the area of Electronic Power Steering (EPS), our Shanghai center boasts the most compact Electronic Control Units (ECU) and the most precise sensors on the market, built with the CIPOS technology. Our center in Nanjing is dedicated to the development of Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Driving Assistance System (DAS). The center in Xiamen focuses on design and development of relays for HELLA's global operations and the work to match, apply and design sensors and actuators to the needs of the customer's site.

These four technical centers always continue moving forward to help foster an energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and safety-oriented future for the automobile industry.



Hardware Engineering
• HW requirement analysis and architecture design
• Schematic design and PCB layout for complex ECU
• HW design and implementation to meet functional safety requirements
• Worst-case calculation and analysis
• Electric circuit FMEA
• LF/RF circuit design, simulation and optimization
• On-vehicle calibration for LF/RF performance and customized application solutions
• HW design for Bluetooth smart and wireless charging systems
• HW testing and EMC testing and analysis

Software Engineering
• Development of complex ECU and sub-system functions
• SW design and implementation to meet functional safety requirements
• Network management
• Diagnostic services
• CAN/LIN application development
• Object-oriented software development
• Full SW testing capabilities

Mechanical Engineering
• Mechanical design of products
• Finite element analysis
• Styling feasibility analysis
• Design for manufacturability
• Mold analysis
• Stack-up analysis
• Design FMEA

System Engineering
• System architecture design
• System requirement analysis
• System failure analysis
• System integration and on-vehicle testing
• Defect analysis and feedback
• System testing and rapid prototyping


Central Test Lab

Our products are tested and evaluated here against a wide range of safety, quality and performance regulations and standards.  The test and evaluation process covers a product's entire life cycle from product engineering, design verification, production verification, through to continuous quality improvement.

• HIL function testing
• Dynamic mechanical function testing
• Development and production of test equipment and establishment of test plans
• Environmental testing
• EMC & ESD testing
• Electrical performance testing
• Lifespan testing
• Mechanical testing
• Material validation
• Product auditing and periodic verification for quality assurance of mass products
• Failure analysis
• Support for design, quality and production teams
• Dimensions measurement
• Thermal analysis and more

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