Company / Technology & Products / 24.06.2021
Company / Technology & Products / 24.06.2021

Hella Faway Automotive Lighting and ENOR establish new joint venture in China

The aim of the joint venture FAWAY Hai Nuo is to develop sophisticated, cost-optimized headlamp modules for the Chinese market


Changzhou, June 24, 2021. Hella Faway Automotive Lighting has founded a joint venture with its Chinese partner ENOR. The new company FAWAY Hai Nuo is to develop and manufacture sophisticated, cost-optimized LED headlamp modules for the Chinese automotive market. The product range includes both BiLED and matrix modules including the corresponding electronic components for light control, which are supplied to Hella Faway Automotive Lighting for integration into complete headlamp systems. ENOR has previously been a supplier to Hella Faway; the corresponding series business will now be transferred to the newly formed joint venture.

Hella Faway Automotive Lighting was founded in 2012 between HELLA and a subsidiary of FAW, one of the largest automotive manufacturers in China. It specializes in the development and production of headlamps for the Chinese market and combines HELLA's technological strength and FAW's direct market access. ENOR contributes its development and manufacturing expertise in the field of cost-efficient headlamp modules, which are specifically tailored to the requirements of the Chinese market thanks to a slimmer design and a lower number of components.

On the occasion of the foundation of the new company FAWAY Hai Nuo, Lidong Yue, Managing Director of Hella Faway Automotive Lighting, says: "ENOR and Hella Faway have been working together successfully for many years and are now taking the next step together. Through the new joint venture, we will above all further expand our added value. This further strengthens our good market position and puts us in an even better position to address new and existing customer groups in the Chinese automotive market with sophisticated headlamp technologies."

FAWAY Hai Nuo has already started operations and currently employs 30 people. In the next expansion stages, this number is expected to increase to up to 150 employees. The company will initially use ENOR's existing production facilities, which will be relocated from the Danyang site to Changzhou by the end of July. In addition, ENOR will build another manufacturing facility in Changzhou, where the joint venture will start its business activities by the middle of next year.


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