Company / 25.02.2021
Company / 25.02.2021

Smart Car Access System by HELLA: Major Business Orders in China

The Smart Car Access System based on Bluetooth technology provides end users with additional comfort, new functions and enhanced safety


Shanghai, 25 February 2021. Lighting and electronics expert HELLA has received multiple major business orders for the HELLA Smart Car Access System based on Bluetooth technology from well-known car manufacturers in China. The series production has been commenced at its Shanghai electronics plant in China in August 2020.

"HELLA is committed to supporting car manufacturers to move towards digitalization, providing them with a comprehensive solution for smart car access and offering end users with additional comfort, new functions and enhanced safety", said Michael Weitert, Vice President at the HELLA Technical Center in Shanghai. "We are pleased that HELLA’s Smart Car Access System has been recognized by the Chinese market. The already started series production further validates HELLA’s capability to provide customized state-of-the-art technology to local customers and lays a good foundation for HELLA to further enhance its overall competitiveness."

The HELLA Smart Car Access System based on Bluetooth technology offers a real hands-free experience. It enables the vehicle to proactively perceive the driver’s location via smartphone tracking and to open and close the vehicle when the driver is approaching within 3 meters. In terms of car sharing, the system provides a wide range of flexibility and customized functions. For example, the owner can share the digital key with others via the smartphone wherever they may be. Also, they can set the time period as well as the access permissions.

In order to improve the security of the vehicle, HELLA uses a brand-new encryption algorithm and an independent security chip to avoid illegal replication of digital keys. In addition, the anti-theft protection is greatly improved with the three-node locking of circuit, battery and start-up. In this way, even if the anti-theft device is illegally removed, the vehicle still cannot be started. HELLA’s Smart Car Access System based on Bluetooth technology also enables the car owner to realize remote software updates and further cloud-based vehicle management functions that enable the owner, for example, to check the vehicle status in real time.

In the field of vehicle entry systems, HELLA also provides customers with smart car access systems that integrate multiple technology solutions, including smart car access based on NFC, smart biometric access based on biological characteristics as well as the highly precise ultra-wide band technology (UWB) which enables a broader range of comfort and individualization features and a complete protection against relay station attacks.


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