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DVN 2019: HELLA showcases holographic technology for rear lamps

  • Innovative application of microstructures satisfies the homogeneous illumination and high output of light
  • Holographic technology also brings personalized rear lamps solutions

Shanghai, 25 April 2019. Lighting and electronics expert HELLA, participated in the 2019 DVN (Driving Vision News) Shanghai international workshop from April 24 to 25, 2019, to discuss the development of automotive lighting technology with industry partners. In the workshop, HELLA not only demonstrated the latest lighting products and technologies, highlighting the customized lighting solutions HELLA brought to China's automotive industry, but also made a keynote speech, sharing the impact of microstructures applications to rear lamp development, which is one of HELLA's latest achievements made for the future research and development on rear lamps.

Microstructures applications indicate the optical applications of various microstructures, to complete optical transmission through the structural design of micro-geometry. HELLA has realized many applications of microstructures in rear lamps. In order to meet the requirements of homogeneous illumination and achieve high output of light, solutions have gone through several stages, including the initial scheme of attaching large pieces of optical pattern to the inner lens, then the scheme of attaching single-sided graining and later the scheme of attaching double-sided graining, and to the scheme of applying diffused material (such as DF23 material). On the premise of homogeneous illumination, HELLA continues to focus on improving the output of light while using microstructures. At present, HELLA has successfully implemented the microstructure applications to day running light and turning light.

Either the vehicle manufacturers or the consumers’ requirements on lighting do not limit their demands to the illumination’s homogeneousness and high intensity. The demand for personalized solutions is growing. The innovation of microstructural optical schemes can bring special light types and different optical effects. For example, by attaching special microstructures to the inner lens, special light effects such as linearity, dot-like, cross-pattern and so on will appear.

With the development of automobile technology and the improvement of consumption experience, projecting interactive information around vehicles will gradually become a demand trend. The holographic technology with microstructures can meet this requirement. The expected pattern or icon can be projected through a holographic film with microstructures under the action of an optical system.

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