Company / 2019.04.17
Company / 2019.04.17

Auto Shanghai 2019: HELLA shapes the Future of Mobility

  • HELLA presents new solutions for clean mobility
  • Smart entry system and customized lighting solutions can be experienced at the stand
  • Establishing open cooperation to improve customization for regional markets in China

Shanghai, April 17, 2019. The lighting and electronics expert HELLA presents its innovative products and solutions at the 2019 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. In line with Auto Shanghai’s 2019 theme, "Create a Better Life ", the HELLA stand exhibits products for the four market trends efficiency and electrification, connectivity and digitalization, autonomous driving and individualization under the motto “Innovations for Tomorrow – Lighting and Electronics to shape the future of mobility”.

At the auto show, HELLA showcases not only its independently developed products, but also those developed together with partners, such as AEye, Gieseke & Devrient, Breezometer and etc..

Efficiency and electrification: Solutions for clean mobility

HELLA accompanies customers on their way to electromobility. For this purpose, the company offers a comprehensive product range from battery sensors for micro hybrids (start/stop automatic), power electronics for mild hybrid vehicles based on 48V technology to battery electronics for high-voltage applications in full hybrids and all-electric vehicles. Based on its long-standing competences as an automotive supplier for components, HELLA positions itself more and more as a supplier of subsystems in the field of electromobility. Core products in this context are innovative sub-system solutions for mild hybrids such as PowerPack 48 Volt and Dual Voltage Battery Management System. The PowerPack 48 Volt is especially designed for vehicles of higher performance classes. It combines a 48-volt lithium-ion battery block including battery management and DC/DC converter in one product. The Dual Voltage Battery Management System is designed for compact and mid-range applications. It combines the conventional separate products of 48-volt mild hybridization within a single product using the space of a conventional lead-acid battery. This means the system can easily be integrated into the existing vehicle architecture. HELLA also offers an integrated shunt-based high-voltage current sensor for full-hybrid and all-electric vehicles. Another core element on the way to electromobility is the HELLA battery management system (BMS), which records the status of the lithium-ion battery and monitors all relevant parameters.

Connectivity and digitalization: Comfort at the center of HELLA’s products

People, vehicles and the external environment are getting closer and closer in terms of digital links. Digitalization gives life to vehicles which are no longer independent transport carriers, making travel easier, more efficient and more comfortable. HELLA's vehicle entry/start system has reached a new stage with the development of connectivity. HELLA's next-generation vehicle entry system, HELLA Smart Access, leverages HELLA's technological experience in vehicle entry systems and innovations in new technology to provide customers with a customizable vehicle entry system that integrates multiple technology solutions, including Smart BTLE Access based on Bluetooth Low Energy localization technology, Smart Biometric Access based on biological characteristics (face and palm recognition) and  personalized solutions based on NFC and wearable Bluetooth devices. Another highlight is the introduction of Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB) technology to prevent Relais Station Attacks and improve security.

With less things to carry, the driver’s hands are freed up, and HELLA Car Access Systems provide complete security solutions for worry-free access.

Solutions by HELLA also aim to further improve the comfort for drivers and passengers by using new technologies which use a higher level of digitalization. For example, HELLA has developed a sensor that measures the level of particulate matter (PM 2.5) in the vehicle interior as well as in the ambient air in real time. This data is enriched with cloud-based air quality data to offer an enhanced and interconnected air quality management system.

The development of digitalization has also contributed to the development of intelligent lighting products for the automotive industry. HELLA develops digital lighting systems in which LEDs can be individually controlled to enable a variable light distribution for low and high beam, providing the right type of road illumination for every traffic situation, ranging from town light to glare-free high beams.

Autonomous driving: Products to enhance safety

HELLA’s products provide proven driver assistance functions such as 24 GHz and 77 GHz radar products, camera software and SHAKE sensors for automated driving.

Radar sensors continuously record the environment, recognize pedestrians, other road users and objects around the vehicle and deliver reliable results regardless of weather and lighting conditions. The 24 GHz sensor systems are ideal for applications such as blind spot detection, lane-change-, rear-parking-, and exit-assistants. The compact design of HELLA’s 77 GHz sensors opens new possibilities for sensor integration, such as for example in the side of the vehicle. This enables a 360° object detection for identifying moving objects around the vehicle – from cars and bicyclists to pedestrians.

The camera software system can implement automatic driver assistance functions such as lane/ traffic sign/pedestrian and object recognition as well as light source detection.

The existing assistance and safety systems in the vehicle are complemented by the HELLA SHAKE technology which allows the vehicle to not only "see" its environment (camera systems, radar systems) but to also "feel" it. For this purpose, the sensor detects structure-borne sounds and vibrations by means of a piezoelectric element. In this way the sensor does allow functions such as intelligent damage detection, adaptive impact detection, smart touch detection, predictive maintenance and road condition sensing. The latter function is already being series produced. It improves the safety of vehicles on wet roads.

Combining artificial intelligence and deep learning, the latest results of LiDAR are also revealed at the stand, providing a safer and more reliable solution for autonomous driving and achieving safe and comfortable travel in the future.

Individualization: HELLA’s products are improving the driving experience

Automotive lighting is not only a functional product that guarantees road safety, but also an important element for individualization. HELLA introduces individualized interior lighting and car body lighting concepts to create different individualized experiences for drivers and passengers, e.g. the Multi Lens Array is integrated in the rocker panel to generate a long light projection which can be used for light carpet functions to illuminate the vehicle side area.

During the exhibition visitors can get an idea what traveling in the future will be like as a demonstration car at the stand is equipped with HELLA's advanced products. With interior lighting VR glasses which are available at the stand visitors can also experience different lighting scenarios in the car.

Experience HELLA's products live in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) in Hall 6.2, Booth 6BE001. 

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