Company / 07.11.2022
Company / 07.11.2022

INSPIRE THE MOBILITY OF FUTURE FORVIA Debuts at the 5th China International Import Expo


Shanghai, 7 November 2022 The 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) was held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. The world’s 7th largest technology company FORVIA made its debut in the “Smart Mobility” exhibition zone in the dedicated area for automobiles and built a “FORVIA Vision Space” by taking traditional Chinese paper art as an inspiration. At CIIE, FORVIA had in-depth discussions with people from all sectors of the society and partners in China, to jointly promote the development of China’s automotive industry and to “inspire the Mobility of Future”.

The umbrella brand FORVIA was created following the successful completion of the acquisition of a controlling stake in HELLA by Faurecia at the beginning of this year. With a profound understanding of the changes in the industry and catering to the changing needs of consumers regarding mobility, FORVIA released the brand-new vision - Mobility is at the heart of people’s life and of what matters to them: moving freely, caring for the planet, their own way - and mission - We pioneer technology for mobility experiences that matter to people. FORVIA believes that mobility empowers people’s life: freedom of movement, access to a world of opportunities, being close to loved ones, connectivity. This is what matters to people and why FORVIA pioneers technology for mobility experiences that matter to them. Led by the new vision and mission, FORVIA will take a people-oriented approach and strive to be the innovator that drives the mobility transformation on the road.

“This year marks FORVIA’s debut at the CIIE, and the third time for FAURECIA to participate in the CIIE”, says Chuan MA, Faurecia China President. “At the grand platform that CIIE offers, FORVIA releases its brand-new vision and mission, and will continue to focus on demands of users with a brand-new appearance, to inspire the mobility of future.”

“CIIE provides an important opportunity for international enterprises to demonstrate and communicate their long-term development strategy in China”, says Dr. Marcel WIEDMANN, Managing Director of HELLA Corporate Center China and Executive Vice President of HELLA Finance and Controlling China. “By exhibiting HELLA’s green and innovative technologies, we aim to reemphasize our commitment to the Chinese market and the sustainable future of mobility.”

Insisting on carbon neutrality, striving to lead the way towards sustainability
China’s automotive industry is entering the fast track of development with the subject of diversified users. A variety of intelligent technologies and innovative concepts based on user needs are constantly emerging, driving a fundamental change of the driving experience and creating more diversified application scenarios in vehicles. However, with an increasing focus on innovative technologies and prominent global climate issues, only by leading sustainable development through innovative manufacturing, and by driving technologies & innovations in a low-carbon and environmental-friendly way, can we create a green future by inspiring mobility.

Faurecia Hydrogen-Powered Heavy-Duty Truck Demo: with the advantages of less hydrogen charging time, long range and ability to withstand high loads, it complements the weakness of the power battery technology
As a hydrogen storage system solution specially designed for trucks, Faurecia hydrogen-powered heavy-duty truck demo reflects the high integration of the product, so as to assist customers to make full use of space. With the advantages of less hydrogen charging time, long range and ability to withstand high loads, the solution complements the weakness of the power battery technology in a favorable way.

Faurecia Seat for the Planet Innovation Program: Reducing the carbon footprint of the service life of the whole seating
On the premise to ensure seat comfort and safety, Faurecia is engaged in changing the production method, materials and design of the traditional seat industry fundamentally, so as to reduce the carbon footprint of the service life of the whole seats; in addition, it improves the recoverability and supports the circular economy. At this CIIE, Faurecia brings in the latest environmental seat, which can reduce 30% of the carbon dioxide emission by means of the application of modular design and sustainable materials, so as to achieve low-carbon transformation.

Faurecia NFPP DP: an intelligent and sustainable solution for automotive interior system
In order to explore environmental protection materials that are totally accepted by consumers, Faurecia has developed the NFPP range, which makes use of renewable natural hemp fibre materials to reduce weight as possible without compromising on product performance and mechanics, and to improve fuel economy while reducing CO2 emissions. At this CIIE, Faurecia NFPP DP manifest the innovative development and fluent utilization of environmental protection materials by Faurecia.

IRYStec® Perceived Quality Improvement Solution: Faurecia’s strength of “display” inside the cockpit
Empowering the cockpit experience to end users, Faurecia brings its IRYStec® Perceived Quality Improvement Solution. By optimizing the image in real time, IRYStec®, Faurecia's patented adaptive display technology, automatically adjusts the screen display in real time so that drivers and passengers always experience a comfortable display.

Faurecia Sustainable, Intelligent and Immersive Cockpit: providing sustainable and immersive cockpit experience
With solutions in Electronics, Seating and Interiors, Faurecia Sustainable, Intelligent and Immersive Cockpit combines innovative technologies and environmental protection designs, so as to create an immersive cockpit experience for people in an integrated and modular way.

HELLA EV Chassis: on the road to clean mobility
HELLA is well positioned in the field of electrification and accompanies customers on their way to electromobility. HELLA's product portfolio includes battery and power electronics for hybrid and fully electric vehicles as well as thermal management solutions such as the Coolant Control Hub (CCH). HELLA’s solution for electrification contributes to energy conservation, emission reduction, reducing energy loss and improving energy efficiency of electric vehicles. In addition, it strengthens the range and improves the safety of vehicles. With these solutions, users can travel further on shorter charges, while enjoying a more comfortable electric driving experience and a more sustainable future.

Carry out the way of intelligent manufacturing and achieve a net zero future
Committed to “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”, FORVIA fully realizes the profound significance of environmental protection and low carbon emission on social development. FORVIA launched its joint carbon neutrality roadmap to achieve CO2 net zero for all our emissions by 2045. At the same time, FORVIA is the first automotive company with a net-zero target approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative. By putting sustainability at the heart of its strategy, following the three key levers of “use less, use better and use longer”, FORVIA will achieve sustainable development based on innovations and technologies, develop business activities in a responsible way and actively drive industry transformation.

FORVIA Carbon Neutrality Demo (Début): demonstrating the magnificent blueprint and the strategic practice of carbon neutrality of the Group
FORVIA Carbon Neutrality Demo made its debut at the CIIE and manifests the magnificent roadmap of the Group towards carbon neutrality in 2045 in a concentrated way. With the support of the augmented reality (AR) technology, audiences will have a more intuitive understanding of low-carbon factories and products, and witness the positive impact of the group on the industry.

“FORVIA Vision Space exhibition stand” is located in the “Smart Mobility” exhibition zone in the dedicated area for Automobiles in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (2.1 Hall), with the exhibition stand number of C3-002. You are sincerely invited to visit our exhibition stand!


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