Body Electronics
Body Electronics

Body Electronics:
We Master Complexity

The complexity of electric and electronic systems in vehicles has increased significantly in the past few years. These days, a well-equipped mid-range car might have up to 60 interlinked control units. HELLA has comprehensive experience in the development and production of control units. Most of our activities in this segment are concentrated in the field of body electronics – the largest of our product segments in the Electronics Business Division. HELLA develops and produces different types of control units, plus we are one of the leading suppliers of vehicle access systems. We not only provide components for conventional access systems, such as radio remote control and receiver units, but also innovative passive entry/go systems that enable keyless locking and unlocking of vehicle doors as well as keyless ignition.


Product Portfolio

  • Body Control Units
  • Memory Seat Modules
  • Access- and Authorization Systems


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Technische Information

Body-Control-Module (BCM)

TI BCM, PDF (2,87 MB)
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