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Up to 30% of the value of a well-equipped new car is down to its electrical and - even more - its electronic systems. That"s not a question of fashion, but the result of consumers increasing demands for safety, convenience and infotainment. However, anything installed in a car is liable to fail some day. In 2007 the ADAC determined that 52% of all breakdowns are already caused by faulty software or faulty electronics. By 2015 the experts predict the figure will be over 60%. It follows that in future, our business will involve fewer repair to exhaust systems, wheels and gaskets, and more with chips and such. At the same time the need for competent diagnostics, electronic spares and technical services is going through the roof. Enormous demands for wholesalers and workshops, but at the same time a highly lucrative potential for profits and customer loyalty. Seize this potential before others do!



Our sensors - enabling purely smooth running from simple physics: speed sensors, air flow meters, knocking sensors, sensors for boost pressure/manifold pressure, temperature sensors for coolant/oil/air, lambda sensors, level sensors for oil/coolant/washing water, accelerator position and throttle valve position - making modern aggregates out of motors. And as engine wouldn"t run smoothly without them, HELLA"s perfectly functioning sensors give the engine management system reliably measured values for perfect driving comfort. And as a constant safety indicator: wheel speed sensors (ABS).

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To make the subject of “Lambda Sensors” more intelligible, we show you here the construction and function of a lambda sensor and explain a number of ways of testing them. Lambda sensor



Here action follows an impulse. Igniting, closing, opening, tightening, opening up and shutting - this is where our actuators do all the work. Everywhere where precise and constant tension and movement is required in vehicles, HELLA offers the perfect solution: ignition coils, EGR valves, throttle value supports, positioning elements for central locking, changeover valves. At HELLA movement is routine.

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