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The modular Shapeline series of single- and multi-function lights by HELLA.
Flexibly combinable: The modular Shapeline series of single- and multi-function lights by HELLA.

The modularly designed HELLA Shapeline series provides a great selection of various single- and multi-function lights in different shapes. The Shapeline lights can be used to cover a variety of lighting functions for front, side and rear lighting: position light, direction indicator, reflex reflector, side marker light, clearance light, taillight / brake light, taillight / brake light / direction indicator, reverse light, warning light and rear fog light. Design elements without lighting function are also available.

Depending on the lighting function, Shapeline lights are available with amber, red or white cover panels. The individual lights of the modular Shapeline product range can be combined with each other almost any way you want. Due to their symmetric nature, the modules can be attached to the vehicle on both the left and the right side and can also be installed when turned 180°.

All lights have the SAE and ECE approval as well as the EMV5 conformity and are resistant to high-pressure cleaning and dust (protection classes IP6K7 and IPX9K). In addition, the Shapeline lights are capable of multiple voltages. There are different mounting options depending on the function of the lights: In addition to mounting with adhesives and screws there is also the option of a snap / ball pin mounting.

HELLA Shapeline modules can be used in nearly every vehicle environment—of course, also in forklifts.


Various requirements have to be taken into consideration for forklift lighting, because it is precisely in cases of vehicles moving relatively fast in tight spaces that seeing and being seen become very important. Moreover, collisions and impacts are the everyday companions of maneuvering tasks. Therefore the lighting should be not only functional, but also particularly rugged. For forklifts it is also important to pay special attention to battery capacity. Therefore energy-efficient lighting acquires particular significance.

Requirements, which the HELLA Shapeline product range of LED single- and multi-function lights optimally meets—and even more than that: HELLA ideally combines technology and design with these lights, because in addition to the innovative technology and the familiar high HELLA quality, the modularly designed light series with its broad range of shapes provides you with a nearly limitless freedom of design. The two different design lines also contribute to that: Customers can choose between the classic straight-lined Shapeline Tech Design and the dynamic, curved Shapeline Style Design.

But there is certainly more than the design aspect to highlight in the HELLA Shapeline product range—this applies also to the outstanding function. The product range provides a variety of different lighting functions that can be individually combined with each other thanks to the modular design. As a result, it is possible to cover a variety of requirements in the area of forklift lighting.

With a unique combination of design freedom and functional characteristics, the Shapeline product range is specially suited for small-volume manufacturers, who previously were unable to implement individual lighting designs for their forklifts out of economic considerations. Thanks to Shapeline, this is now possible.

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Functions: position light, reflex reflector, direction indicator, clearance light, taillight / brake light, taillight / brake light / direction indicator, side marker light, reverse light,

rear fog light, warning light

Operating temperature: - 40 °C to + 60 °C

Reverse polarity protection: present

Operating voltage: Multi-volt 9 - 32 V

Type approval: ECE / SAE / EMC

EMC class: 5

Degree of protection: IP 6K9K

Integrated short circuit protection: present

For detailed technical information, including specifications of individual modules, refer to our brochure.

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