Module switches
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Module switches

Module switches

The versatile HELLA module switch - developed specially for you!
Module switches

Module switches

Meets every need - the HELLA module switch.
Module switches

Module switches

Everything at a glance - the HELLA module switch.

The modular HELLA module switch range offers many different switch functions in 12 and 24 V as well as a wide variety of switch symbols - and those in any combination. Functions like normally open contact/changeover contact, button/grid or locking function can be combined with different symbols like battery, headlamp and many more. Individual switch labels are also possible.
The module switch has a special, self-cleaning microswitch contact system that minimizes loss of contact material and contamination. Low contact resistance ensures minimal voltage loss. Even with low control currents, reliable switching is guaranteed every time. The switch is designed for up to 450,000 switch cycles. That, together with the LED switch illumination, ensures a long product lifetime.
Other features of the module switch include tension springs with steady contact force for reliable switch function and standardized 2.8 mm blade terminal connection with an AgNi contact.
The modern switch design meets the requirements of ECE-R21.
Detailed information including article number is included in our practical module switch configurator.

Function, quality, flexibility, individuality: These attributes are emphasized in the HELLA module switch range - and, as a result, ensure maximum customer value. The modular concept of the range allows your specific customer requirements to be implemented. In addition to the wide variety of different switches and functions, we also offer standard symbols and individual laser inscription - allowing you to specify your own desired symbol.
It comes with strong HELLA production logistics to ensure quick availability of all module switches. This also applies for individual production in small lot sizes. Along with comprehensive HELLA services such as individual support from our professional sales representatives, you also receive added value as original equipment manufacturer that goes well beyond switch production.
The material quality, haptics and switch design also meet the highest demands. A green light for nighttime and a red function check light enable reliable and convenient switching even under extreme or varying lighting conditions - guaranteed by up to four LED light sources.
Individualized lighting options, diverse symbol variants, high functionality and high-quality design: The HELLA module switch range is an asset to any vehicle cabin.

Voltage: 12V and 24V DC
Switch type: Microswitch snap system
Protection class: IP30
Switch function: Normally open contact / changeover contact
Load type of the contact: Bulb load ≤ 4A / 3A
Inductive load: ≤ 5A / 5A
Ohmic load: ≤ 10A / ≤ 10A"
Contact material: AgNi
Mating connector: 2.8 mm x 0.8 ± 0.025 mm

Physical ratings
Operating temperature: - 40 °C to + 85 °C
Storage temperature: - 40 °C to + 100 °C
Rocker material: PC, transparent or painted white, black
Housing: Black PA

Lifetime with signal currents of 5mA: > 450,000 cycles
Mechanical lifetime with locking: 50,000 cycles
Lifetime with load currents of max. 10A: 50,000 cycles
Lifetime of LED: > 10,000 h

Installation specifications
Mounting force: ≤ 30N
Deinstallation force: ≥ 150N
Holding force in locked position: ≥ 50N
Panel thickness when directly installed: 2 ± 0.3 mm
Panel strength with mounting frame: min. 3 to max. 4 mm with rounding in mounting direction of R 0.4 to R1


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