Module 50 LED spot
HELLA highlights for forklifts
Module 50 LED spot

Module 50 LED spot

The energy-efficient HELLA Module 50 LED spot headlamp.
Module 50 LED spot

Module 50 LED spot

The optical warning system for any forklift - the HELLA Module 50 LED spot.
Module 50 LED spot

Module 50 LED spot

All important data about the HELLA Module 50 LED spot at a glance.
HELLA adds another variant to the well-known, trusted Module 50 series with the Module 50 LED spot.

The Module 50 LED spot headlamp is designed as a warning light to optically warn other vehicles or passers-by of an approaching forklift.
The light beam of the installed (colored) LED is focused powerfully by a specially designed lens optics. It projects a circular warning point on the ground that draws the attention of other road users to the approaching vehicle. Regarding the color of the installed LED, the user can choose from a broad palette depending on the application.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Module 50 LED is particularly suited for installation in situations with little space, which often occur in forklift applications. Power consumption is only 15 watts. Integrated electronics protect the device in the event of polar inversion and guarantee consistent brightness in the event of fluctuating operation voltage from 9 to 52 volts. This enables use on vehicles with 12, 24 or 48 volts of vehicle electric system voltage. The black housing of the HELLA Module 50 LED spot is made of aluminum and comes equipped with cooling fins. These ensure the necessary heat dissipation of the high-power multichip LED. A temperature sensor additionally protects the work light from overheating.
Simply operating a forklift can easily lead to dangerous situations - for example, potential collisions with pedestrians or other vehicles in the path of the forklift. The reason for such (near) collisions is generally fast movement of the forklift, but also its often quiet operation. That last point is especially true for vehicles with electric operation.

For these reasons, pedestrians often notice the forklift too late. You can remedy this problem with an effective optical warning system - such as the HELLA Module 50 LED spot, which projects a powerfully focused light beam on the ground in front of the forklift using special lens optics. Pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles are made aware of the approaching forklift with enough time. Accidents can be effectively avoided ahead of time, especially the light is used in combination with a corresponding acoustic warning system.

The HELLA Modul 50 LED spot offers the user maximum flexibility: Upright or pendant mounting is possible, and due to the compact headlamp dimensions, it is suited to cramped installation conditions. Furthermore, the customer can select LEDs of different colors for the light source.

The LED technology used in the Module 50 LED spot represents not only powerful light output and high durability, but also superior energy efficiency. This benefits vehicles with limited battery sources as well as completely battery-powered vehicles.

The HELLA Module 50 LED spot is ideally suited for use on forklifts due to the advantages and characteristics named above. It warns other road users effectively and takes up minimal energy resources of the forklift.

It goes without saying that the Module 50 LED spot also proves itself through exceptional, reliable HELLA quality.

Operating voltage / rated voltage: 9 - 52 V
Light source type: 1 (colored) high-power LED
Power consumption: 15 W
Housing: Aluminum die cast
Connection: DEUTSCH connector
Mounting: Upright and pendant
Protection: Overheating and polarity inversion protection
Protection class: IP 6K9K and IP 6K8
Type approval: E1, ECE-R10
Weight: 340 g


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