HELLA highlights for forklifts

The HELLA product highlights for forklifts

Innovative, highly functional, high-quality: Many positive characteristics apply to HELLA lighting and electronics products. Of course, this also applies to our portfolio in the application area of forklifts. On this page we present you with some select highlight products, which reflect the whole diversity of our product range—and show that we possess proven expertise in the area of forklift lighting and electronics also.



  • Discover the innovative HELLA Q90 LED work light.

Rugged, durable, energy-efficient—and design-oriented: The new modular HELLA Shapeline series of single- und multi-function lights ideally combines technology and design. A large selection of different shapes and lighting functions enables even forklift manufacturers with a small number of units the option to create an individual and yet consistent vehicle design.

  • The modular Shapeline series of single- and multi-function lights by HELLA.

The modularly designed HELLA module switch product line includes not only a large selection of different switch functions in 12 and 24 V but also various switch symbols. This makes it possible to freely combine functions such as normally open contact/changeover contact, button/grid or a locking function with symbols such as battery, headlamp, etc. HELLA offers an extensive range of accessories for this purpose.

  • The versatile HELLA module switch - developed specially for you!

With the Module 50 LED Spot, HELLA expands the already familiar and repeatedly proven Module 50 series with another variant. The Module 50 LED Spot headlamp is equipped with a special refractive optical system that projects the light of the color LEDs (optionally in blue, red or green) as a circular warning spot on the floor. That way vehicles or even passers-by receive a visual warning of a suddenly approaching forklift.

  • The compact and powerful Module 50 LED Spot work light by HELLA.
  • VISIOTECH projection technology for communication by using light
  • Compact warning light for more comfort and safety
  • Projection of a red or blue strip-shaped warning line
  • SL60 LED

The HELLA rain/light sensor is the first combination sensor of this kind to be offered on the market and provides customers with the unique opportunity to use both the rain detection and the ambient light detection in a single sensor. This makes it possible to control the corresponding vehicle functions such as wipers and daytime running lights automatically—for more convenience and more safety.

  • Two sensor functions bundled into one sensor - the HELLA rain/light sensor.
  • Ideal halogen replacement for an easy conversion
  • Compact size and universal shape
  • Also available as reversing light
  • Eco 18 LED  Eco 26 LED
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