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The superior form developed by HELLA designers creates
optimal supplemental lighting for modern vehicle fronts and
integrates harmoniously into your vehicle's design concept.
HELLA offers an extensive variety of models for passenger cars,
lorries, and caravans. Either discreet and elegant or strikingly
different. But always with proven quality from HELLA.
Ensure optimal safety day and night.
The highly-developed daytime running light program from
HELLA offers the ideal solution for every vehicle type. The
extended model range 2012/13 now offers an even greater
selection for individual and vehicle-specific attachment
variations with LED or bulb technology. HELLA daytime running
lights are the ideal solution for anyone who doesn't want to
compromise. For drivers who demand a high level of safety and
have a keen sense of individual style.
Light means visibility,
even during the day.
The new HELLA daytime running light program for city
cruisers, weekend explorers, and driving pros.