Statutory regulations
Statutory regulations

Statutory regulations for trucks and HGVs: HELLA gives you the facts.

Daytime running light means greater safety. Official studies confirm this.
As of August 2012, daytime running lights are now also mandatory for new commercial vehicles in the ECE registration area.
You can find out more about the statutory requirements on the theme of daytime running lights on this page.


  • Die wichtigsten gesetzlichen Bestimmungen zum Thema Tagfahrlicht

Type approval

In Germany, the law states that a special type approval must be obtained for daytime running lights before they can be mounted on a truck. HELLA daytime running lights have successfully passed all the necessary type tests. This is verified by the following markings:

Type approval marking "RL" - stands for daytime running light
ECE marking, e.g. "E1" - the country code 1 stands for Germany, for example
Type approval number, e.g. "00 1722" - the first two digits describe the version of the regulation (2000 in the example), the last digits denote the individual
number per light.

You can view an excerpt from the general approval certificate and an example of a type approval document here:

Type approval document Part I (PDF)
Type approval document Part II (PDF)
General approval certificate for universal set of daytime running lights (PDF)
General approval certificate for set of daytime running lights with clear glass design (PDF)

You could be in for some unpleasant surprises if you opt for so-called 'alternative solutions' instead of the officially tested and approved daytime running lights by HELLA. This is the case with dimmed daytime running light substitute electronics, for example. Although they do in fact dim the low beam light by up to 50% to daytime running light level, they also at the same time change the headlight output to such an extent that the approval is rendered invalid. If you were checked by the police, you would not only be found to be driving without a daytime running light, but also without a functioning low beam. We therefore recommend you make the right decision from the start: By choosing HELLA daytime running lights.

You can find out more information on the legal situation here:

Paragraph 49a of German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO §49a) (PDF)
ECE regulation 48: Mounting specifications (PDF)
ECE regulation 48: Addendum (PDF)
ECE regulation 87: Daytime running light (PDF)
ECE regulation 87: Daytime running light (PDF)

  • Der Anschlussplan für Glühlampen-Tagfahrleuchten von HELLA

Mounting specifications

According to legislation, various installation options are allowed. However, clearances and reflector beam angles are specified:

  • * When used as a position light, the minimum attachment height must be 250 mm and the maximum distance from the outside edge must be 400 mm.
  • ** A distance of at least 400 mm is prescribed for vehicles which are < 1,300 mm wide.
  • When using the daytime running light as a position light, the standard position light must be disabled permanently in accordance with ECE-R-48.

Check online for more information on other legal requirements. For more detailed information, refer to the relevant assembly instructions.

Legend for graphic:
min. = minimum distance
max. = maximum distance

  • Tagfahrlicht-Anbauvorschriften für den Truck
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