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Daytime running light for trucks and HGVs

This issue can no longer be ignored on our streets. It significantly improves the visibility of vehicles to other road-users when driving during the day - an extra margin of safety for all involved.
What other benefits does daytime running light have for trucks? And what are the relevant statutory regulations?
We would like provide some answers to these and other questions below.
In the safety section, we show how daytime running light can help avoid accidents.
Under "statutory regulations", you can view and download important information on the current legal situation. And in the "cost advantages" section, you can find out what the potential cost savings are compared to driving with the low beam during the day.
We have also compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions with corresponding answers. You can find these in the "FAQ" area.

More safety with HELLA daytime running light - passenger vehicle encounters a herd of sheep.


Daytime running light means greater

The most important statutory regulations that apply in relation to daytime running light for HGVs

Statutory regulations

Everything you need to know about the current Legal situation
Save money - the cost advantage of daytime running light

Cost advantage

Save costs with daytime running light
FAQ - frequently asked questions and expert answers on the theme of daytime running light for trucks.


We give you the answers to the

most frequently asked questions.
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Everything you need to know about HELLA LED expertise
HELLA daytime running light flyer
Find out everything you need to know about HELLA daytime running light - in our flyer
our flyer
New ECE regulations
You can obtain Information on changing the mounting height to min. 250 mm
New ECE regulations on the mounting height when used as position light