Get safely through the day. with HELLA daytime running lights.

Daytime running light prevents 58 % of accidents which result in serious injuries, according to the results of a study carried out by the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research. A clear lead in terms of safety, which you can secure for yourself by using specially developed daytime running lights. Your passenger vehicle will be more visible and will therefore be seen sooner by other road-users, giving you that crucial additional reaction time. Seeing and being seen - in terms of lighting technology quite literally as different as day and night.

Whereas low beam light is designed as an active visual aid for night-time drives, daytime running light is used as passive signal light. Put your trust in the special HELLA daytime running lights for passenger vehicles: If more safety is what you are looking for, they are highly recommended.

  1. HELLA daytime running light for passenger vehicles - developed so you can be seen in the daytime.
  2. HELLA low-beam light, developed for visibility at night.
HELLA Tagfahrlicht und Abblendlicht bei PKW im Vergleich
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