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Fundamental technical principles, installation options, legal position: The questions we receive from customers in relation to the theme of daytime running light are many and varied. And this is exactly the right place to ask them because HELLA is one of the leading providers of daytime running light solutions for passenger vehicles - comprehensive know-how included.
We provide you with an overview of the most frequently asked questions and the appropriate answers below. This means you can quickly resolve any ambiguities - and get the most out of your daytime running light.
FAQ – Häufige Fragen und kompetente Anworten zum Tagfahrlicht.

Are headlights with integrated daytime running light already available?

Yes, in some models of the A6 and A8 series.


Can daytime running light be mounted by DIY or should it be done by a garage?

Experienced DIY-ers will be able to do it themselves. In all other cases, we recommend you visit your specialist garage.


Where can I buy daytime running light?

In a specialist car shop / Internet shop


Are there differences in quality between the daytime running lights available?

Yes, in the signal image and the bulbs or LED technology used.


How long do the bulbs last?

Up to 1,000 hours when a H6W bulb is used. Up to 3,000 hours when a HiPer-16W bulb is used. Up to 10,000 hours with LED solutions.


What exactly is the difference between DRL and auxiliary lights?

Auxiliary headlights have an active function whereas daytime running light has a passive signalling function.


How long does the installation of daytime running lights take?

In the case of vehicle-specific sets such as for the Golf IV, installation takes between 1-2 hours. No general time guide can be given for universal sets on account of the wide variety of vehicles on the market. Garages should always make an estimate first in these cases.


Does the use of daytime running lights not lead to motorcyclists being “overlooked”?

No. Motorcyclists are not being downgraded in their visibility, other road-users are being upgraded.


Is daytime running light available in blue, too?

No. With future LED versions a similar light color will be achieved as with Xenon headlights. But it is still within the white spectrum.


Can I use daytime running lights as fog lights, too?

No. Daytime running lights are not suitable for projecting active light to be used by the driver onto the road.


Can daytime running lights withstand impacts from flying stones?

Yes, to the same degree as all common headlights. As a rule, Hella uses PC cover lenses. These are sturdier than glass cover lenses.


Do the vehicle-specific daytime running light sets include
relay and cables?

Yes. Cables and brackets are included with all sets. The relays are integrated in our LED daytime running lights.


Does the universal set of daytime running lights include all the necessary

On account of the variety of installation situations, the sets only include the basic equipment. However, additional harnesses and installation material is usually listed in the assembly instructions under “Accessories”. These can also be ordered via a retailer or garage.
On account of the different vehicle bodies and variety of installation scenarios associated with this, the attachment bracket for the vehicle sometimes has to be custom-made separately.


What is the difference between e1 and E1?

e1 is for instance the marking for electronics testing. The daytime running light is not tested for this.
E1 is for instance the type approval marking according to ECE R87 for daytime running lights.

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