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Series production

Shining examples: Daytime running light by HELLA as standard

More and more renowned vehicle manufacturers are already using HELLA daytime running light as standard. The reasons for this are quite simple: Daytime running light solutions are safe, cost-effective and gentle on the environment - and what's more, they add bold visual accents.
The new Mercedes A-Class and the brand new Audi A8 therefore roll off the production line complete with daytime running lights by HELLA.
In both cases, it has been possible to successfully integrate the latest generation of technically sophisticated headlights into the overall vehicle concept.
The result: Vehicles on the street that are shining examples of this technology - both during the day and at night thanks to the HELLA light solutions.


  • Der neue A8-Scheinwerfer mit LED-Tagfahrlicht von HELLA.

Young, dynamic, sporty - thanks to these attributes, the new Mercedes A-Class is close to the pulse of a new generation. The three sporty headlight variants by HELLA lend the front of the vehicle a particularly dynamic appearance. The new A-Class has been available to order from retail outlets since June 2012.
With the new A-Class Mercedes aspires to set standards - and appeal to a new target group. The sporty compact car therefore reflects two trends that are particularly well received by the younger generation: Sophisticated design and intelligent driver assistance. The front lighting which has been developed by HELLA also meets these expectations. The customer has three equipment specifications to choose from: Halogen, Bi-Xenon and Intelligent Light System (ILS) with adaptive high-beam assistant.
All three variants have been adapted to the optics of the new Mercedes design. A element which is characteristic of the brand follows the inner contour and closes the headlight at the top. It forms the vehicle-specific light signature during the day and at night. In the Xenon variants, this element contains the LED-based turn signal, position light and daytime running light functions. It emphasizes the overall dynamic impression of the newly designed vehicle. Furthermore, in the sporty AMG variant the theme of red design elements used in the vehicle is also revisited and continued in the headlight.

  • Der neue A-Klasse-Scheinwerfer mit LED-Tagfahrlicht von HELLA.

With the recent launch of the new Audi A8, AUDI and HELLA are celebrating a double world premiere: For the latest model of the Audi flagship will now be on the road boasting the world's first ever Matrix LED headlight with a glare-free high beam. Yet another fascinating feature of this innovative lighting technology is the "wipe-action" indicator light with dynamic display. The specification of course also includes the integrated daytime running light.
It is not only the safety-enhancing functions that make the headlights of the AUDI flagship stand out in the crowd - it is also their attractive design. Below the designer grille, which optically divides the headlamp into segments, can be found the world’s first dynamic indicator light. As soon as the driver switches on the indicator, a strip of seven blocks lying one next to the other starts to light up sequentially at intervals of 20 milliseconds. After 150 milliseconds all the LED segments are bright and illuminate with full intensity although the impression of “a wipe-action indicator” is given. As was the case in the predecessor model, AUDI and HELLA have combined the functions of indicator, daytime running lights and position lights in one optical system this time, too. The end product is a vehicle with an impressive and distinctive look that is typical of its make, a striking look which is thrown into sharp relief both day and night.

  • Der neue A8-Scheinwerfer mit LED-Tagfahrlicht von HELLA.
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