Innovative LED technology and progressive design for the truck

The HELLA LED range of daytime running lights for trucks has plenty to offer. In addition to a powerful light output, low consumption and long design life, the use of LED technology also opens up an entirely new range of design options that have not been available until now.

The range has been specially tailored to the requirements in the truck sector and contains many different designs. Irrespective of which variant you choose, you can always rely on one thing: Outstanding HELLA quality.


The HELLA LEDayLine daytime running lights for trucks combine outstanding functionality, compact construction and a unique linear design. They significantly improve the visibility of the truck to other road-users - a genuine win-win situation from the safety standpoint.
In addition to the safety considerations, the lights are also very easy to install, have a low power consumption due to the LED technology used and are highly resistant to vibrations. Different variants of the LEDayLine range are available in order to accommodate the different curvature radii at the installation location.

LEDayLine Zero
LEDayLine 15/30


The rod-shaped set of LED daytime running lights by HELLA for trucks offers benefits both in terms of safety and appearance. Two versions of the horizontally-installed lights are available with different fixing options.
One set contains two lights with 12 LEDs each, one changeover relay and fixing screws. A mounting frame is also included. The power consumption is 2 W. The light is installed by screwing into the frame from above and snapping the light into place on the frame.

2PT 980 680-861 Set of daytime running lights, 24 V

Fixed using lateral screw attachment points
2PT 980 680-851 Set of daytime running lights, 24 V

  • Stabförmige LED-Tagfahrleuchten von HELLA

The new "Surface Mount" set of daytime running lights is an innovative installation variant and supplements the range of HELLA daytime running lights for trucks. Special highlights are the 10 high-power LEDs and extremely low installation height. The light is an excellent alternative for vehicles without curvature radius, can be easily retrofitted and stands out thanks to the lower power consumption of LED technology and ultra-modern individual optics.
Also included: Extra safety margin due to the HELLA daytime running light.
Each set contains two lights and one relay. The power consumption is 3 W.

2PT 980 880-861 Set of daytime running lights, 24 V

  • Die neue LED-Tagfahrleuchte “Surface Mount”

The 83 mm LED daytime running lights for trucks by HELLA combine compact design with straightforward installation. With low energy consumption and excellent lighting performance, they improve the visibility of the vehicle and therefore reduce the likelihood of accidents. The passive beam generated by the white signal light ensures that the truck will be more visible to other road-users and will therefore be seen sooner. This improves response times and offers a clear safety advantage. Additional highlights are the high vibration resistance and IP 6K7/IP 6K9K protection.
The scope of supply comprises a single light with 2.5 m sheathed connection cable. A mounting ring for adapting to 90 mm diameter is available separately. Power consumption 4W.

2PT 980 691-601 12V Daytime running light

2PT 980 690-601 24V Daytime running light

Accessories (not included in the scope of supply)
9GD 980 696-001 Mounting ring

  • Die runde 83 mm LED-Tagfahrleuchte von HELLA

Progressive technology, high degree of safety, striking optics: These 90 mm round LED daytime running lights combine all the advantages of the HELLA daytime running light for your truck. The lights come in a black aluminum housing and are suitable for upright and pendant surface mounting, or can be installed on the front apron.
The set contains two lights each with three LEDs and integrated relay, a professional harness with AMP supersealed connector and a bracket. It is quick and easy to install using the mounting plate which must be ordered separately.
The power consumption 5.5 W, and it weighs 390 g.

2PT 009 599-811 Set of daytime running lights, round design
2PT 009 599-111 LED daytime running light, 90 mm, round with 3 LEDs 12V/24V multi-voltage, left
2PT 009 599-121 LED daytime running light, 90 mm, round with 3 LEDs, 12V/24V multi-voltage, right
2PT 009 599-131 LED daytime running light with position light and 3 round LEDs, 12V/24V multi-voltage, left
2PT 009 599-141 LED daytime running light with position light with 3 round LEDs, 12V/24V multi-voltage, right

Accessories (not included in the scope of supply)
9AH 165 968-001 Mounting plate

  • Die runde 90 mm LED-Tagfahrleuchte von HELLA

HELLA has extended its 90 mm module range for trucks to include another variant in the form of these LED daytime running lights. Two versions of the lights are available which makes them suitable for different applications. The LED technology can also cope with the toughest demands, as it ensures optimum illumination and therefore a high degree of safety. The rugged die-cast aluminum housing and scratch-resistant cover lens make these daytime running lights particularly hard wearing. In addition, the ultra-light polycarbonate lens with the 40 x 60 mm form opens up a whole new range of design possibilities. Particularly beneficial: The new LED technology can be easily retrofitted to existing halogen versions. An additional feature is the multi-voltage 12/24 V.

1F0 011 988-031 LED high-beam light with daytime running light, position light and pre-installed carrier frame
(also available with Performance mount)

1N0 011 988-011 LED fog light with daytime running light, position light and pre-installed carrier frame

  • 90mm Modul mit LED-Tagfahrlicht
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