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The bottom line on daytime running lights for passenger vehicles

Daytime running lights for passenger vehicles have almost become an everyday sight on our streets. New vehicles have been supplied with daytime running lights as standard for a number of years now, and these lights are also being retrofitted to more and more older vehicles - including the innovative daytime running light solutions by HELLA that are available for many vehicle models.
So what actually are the advantages of daytime running lights? And what statutory regulations exist in this regard? We would like to give you expert answers to these and other questions at this point. In the Safety area you can find out how daytime running light helps avoid accidents. Under the statutory regulations you can find the latest information and important downloads on all aspects of the legal situation. Under cost advantages, we explain what the potential savings of using daytime running light as opposed to low beam light are. And, last but not least, you can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions on this theme in the FAQ area.

More safety with HELLA daytime running light


Daytime running light enhances safety

The most important statutory regulations that apply in relation to daytime running light for your car

Statutory regulations

Information on the legal situation

Save money - the cost advantage of daytime running light

Cost advantage

Reduce costs - with daytime running light

FAQ - frequently asked questions and expert answers on the theme of daytime running light.


Frequently asked questions - and the expert answers.

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