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The modular Shapeline single-function and multi-function light series from HELLA.
Flexible combinations: the modular Shapeline single-function and multi-function light series from HELLA.

Dust, dirt, vibrations, impacts, heat, cold, humidity: construction vehicles face the toughest conditions in everyday use. Correspondingly, the demands placed on lighting are high. Lights must be extremely tough, in addition to being reliable.

The new HELLA Shapeline single-function and multi-function light series goes above and beyond these characteristics. Yet the lighting series offers a great deal more than that, namely unique design options, even for construction vehicles. This is down to the modularity and the high variety of different shapes that can be combined in almost any way, according to your needs. A high level of design freedom therefore enables two design lines: the classic, sleekly envisaged Shapeline Tech design and the curving, dynamic Shapeline Style design. The highlight - the individual modules feature a symmetrical design, so that they can be mounted either on the left or the right of the vehicle, or rotated by 180°.

And don't forget the excellent functionality: a range of lighting functions for front, rear end, and side cover all current applications in the field of construction vehicles.

Even small series can benefit from an individual design, regardless of vehicle type, thanks to the HELLA Shapeline series. What does it look like? Our convenient online configuration tool invites you to try out your own design visions. Be your own lighting designer!


Functions: position light, reflex reflector, direction indicator, side marker light, clearance lights, stop light, tail stop light, back-up light, rear fog light, warning light

Operating temperature: - 40°C to + 60°C

Reverse polarity protection: available

Operating voltage: multivolt 9-32 V

Type test: ECE / SAE / EMC

EMC class: 5

Protection class: IP 6K9K

Integrated short circuit protection: available

Extensive technical information with detailed data on the individual model specifications is contained in our brochure.


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