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A light check for your safety


Driving during the dark winter months demands more care and attention and, of course, good lighting. But is there anyone who has never been confused, distracted or dazzled by oncoming traffic? Almost all of us have at one time or another been confronted with vehicles that have incorrectly adjusted headlamps.

The list of so many different kinds of defects is endless and the safety problem today more relevant than ever. Headlamps shining at too high an angle dazzle oncoming traffic, especially when it is rainy or dark. Conversely, those headlamps shining too low impair, above all, one's own view as obstacles cannot be recognized in good time.

So, without a doubt, good lighting means safety - for all road users. And this is especially true in the dark, when adverse weather conditions prevail and when visibility is bad.

Any lighting failure undoubtedly always means danger for all road users.

As a driver, it is often difficult to ascertain whether the lighting of one's own vehicle is defective. And what is more, headlamp adjustment should always be carried out by the professionals because it is only such experts who possess the expertise and the necessary workshop equipment, for example beamsetters provided by Hella Gutmann Solutions.

For all these reasons, have a lighting check carried out in your workshop regularly - for the sake of your own safety!

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