Kids on board. Having fun while traveling safely.

Kids on board. Having fun while traveling safely.


  • Kids on board. Having fun while traveling safely.

Player 1 shows his palm to player 2 and closes his eyes. Player 2 traces an object on the surface of the palm or writes the letters of a word. Player 1 then guesses what was traced on his hand.

  • Travel game ─ palm reading

The letters of license plates can be rearranged into humorous sentences with a little imagination. For example, a car from Hamburg whose license plate starts with "HH" can be interpreted as standing for "Henry hiccups", or a car from Berlin whose license plate starts with "B ─ LU" could be understood as "Bert likes umbrellas". Whoever "finds" a sentence the quickest wins the round! The winner then searches for the next license plate to use for a new round.

  • Travel game ─ Creating sentences from license plates

A wonderful game to get some peace and quiet in the back. Player 1 silently speaks words or short sentences with exaggerated mouth movements while players 2, 3, 4, etc. read his lips. Whoever deciphers the message correctly can then take their turn.

  • Travel game ─ reading lips

Before making a purchase
Gather the following information to ensure that you select the correct child seat:

Information about your child:
• Weight
• Size when seated (crown-rump length)

Information about your vehicle:
• Does the vehicle manufacturer make any specific product recommendations?
• Does your vehicle have the ISOFIX system?
• Is a front passenger airbag fitted?

When purchasing
Do not try to find a bargain on the Internet and do not purchase used child seats from people you do not know. After all, the safety of your child is at stake! In this context, the best thing to do is to go to a place that sells child seats. What to look for once you get there:

ECE regulation
• Does the seat comply with the current ECE standard?
• Is the seat a match for the weight and size of your child?
In-car installation
• Does the seat fit in my car?
• Is installation easy?
• Are the operating instructions easy to understand?
• Would the seat also fit in another vehicle, such as a second car or the car used by your parents?
Positioning the child correctly
• Does my child sit firmly and securely?
• Does my child sit comfortably?
• Can I correctly secure my child quickly in a few simple steps?
Use and convenience
• Can the cover be easily removed?
• Can I wash or exchange/replace the cover?
• Is the material pleasant to touch?
• Does my child like the seat? After all, your child should look forward to using the seat whenever traveling by car.

  • Buy the right child seat for your child!
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