HELLA Golf headlamps
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HELLA Golf headlamps

HELLA headlamps in the VW Golf

Over 30 years of design and technology: HELLA headlamps in the VW Golf
1974. The beginning of an automotive legend – after all, the VW Golf Mk 1 gave the starting signal for an automotive career that remains unparalleled to this day. Now, more than 30 years later, the VW Golf is already into its seventh generation – with millions of models on the streets around the globe.
There from the beginning, and a faithful companion ever since to the top-selling car in Germany: The HELLA headlamps. Always state of the art in terms of technology, the headlamps also always made the front end of the VW Golf unmistakable – and this has remained the case to this day.
From the unforgettable round headlamps in the VW Golf Mk 1, to the first clear glass headlamps in the VW Golf Mk 4, through to the geometrically sophisticated design of the headlamps in the current VW Golf Mk 7: every generation of HELLA headlamps was and is also an expression of its time. Join us on a little journey through time.
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