Good to know
Good to know

Find out more: with HELLA

In this area we provide you with a great deal of useful additional information and interesting facts about subjects that are simply "good to know" for car drivers.

For example, on our interactive route you can find out all about the history of HELLA headlamps in the VW Golf - from 1974 to today.

Furthermore, in these pages you will find information about "GPS navigation" and receive valuable tips about the correct securing of loads and luggage.

And to also keep you up to date about the interesting technical background of HELLA vehicle lighting, in our regularly updated LED section we offer you brief articles that can bring you "a little light in the dark" with respect to this very complex topic. From functionality to utilization benefits: we will share our HELLA LED knowledge with you. And we will do this week on week.
Everything you need to know about LEDs – explained by HELLA.
What is LED? HELLA provides answers.
Be impressed by the consistently high quality provided by HELLA!
Long history: HELLA headlamps in the VW Golf
What is GPS? – Explained in simple terms by HELLA.
How works GPS? Technical background information
09/13/2016 10:23
Important tips on transport safety – from HELLA.
Safely stowed: tips on transportation safety
09/13/2016 10:23
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