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LED additional stop lamp

LED additional stop lamp LongLED 45 & 64

Schlank designte LED-Zusatzbremsleuchte in innovativer Lichtleitertechnologie von HELLA
Schlank designte LED-Zusatzbremsleuchte in innovativer Lichtleitertechnologie von HELLA
Strichzeichnung der schlank designten LED-Zusatzbremsleuchte von HELLA
The new HELLA LED additional stop lamp for caravans and motorhomes in light array optics for horizontal installation offers particularly homogenous illumination, thereby also realizing a highly prominent brake light function.
The innovative light guide technology conveys the brake signal from the LED-equipped central section to the volume endpoints and produces a distinctive appearance in the rear design.
The integrated LEDs have a service life of approximately 15,000 hours and are therefore all but maintenance free.
Two different sizes are available: A variant in 446 mm and a long variant in 638 mm.
A screw-free bonding fixation technique ensures easy, quick and reliable installation.
The rated protection class is IP 67.
The slim design and clear optics of the new LED additional stop lamp give it impressive appeal. The HELLA LED light array with innovative light guide technology lends the vehicle an unmistakable rear design as a style-promoting design element.
Two length variants make it possible to tailor the new design concept optimally and individually to the vehicle in question. With the new LED additional stop lamp, HELLA has created an ideal solution for new, innovative illumination systems used in caravans and motorhomes.
The LED technology implemented ensures very energy-efficient and economical operation. Together with the attractive appearance, HELLA provides an advantage in both safety and individuality.

Function: LED additional stop lamp
Attachment: For horizontal installation
Type approval: ECE, SAE, CCC
Degree of protection: IP 67
Short version

  • 446 mm
  • 12 V/1.5 W, current consumption = Approx. 0.12 A
  • 24 V/1 W, current consumption = Approx. 0.04 A

Long version

  • 638 mm
  • 12 V/2.8 W, current consumption = Approx. 0.22 A
  • 24 V/1.5 W, current consumption = Approx. 0.06 A
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