L 5570 Bi-LED 2nd generation module
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L 5570 Bi-LED 2nd generation module

L 5570 Bi-LED 2nd generation module

Das neue leistungsstarke Caravan-90 mm Modul, als Bi-LED.
Das neue leistungsstarke Abblend- und Fernlicht, das 90mm Bi-LED Modul von HELLA .
Technische Daten des 90 mm Bi-LED Modul auf einen Blick zusammengefasst.
HELLA is setting new standards through the use of special integrative light technology in the innovative BI-LED modular headlamps. A single module generates light for the low beams and high beams: instead of separate reflectors for the low beam and high beam, a single projection module with one light source (LED) is sufficient on each side of the vehicle.
A second reflector supplements the low beam illumination with high beam when the headlights are switched over. No mechanical parts are moved to achieve this. Compared to the original BI-LED modules, the lighting electronics in the L 5570 Bi-LED 2nd generation module has been improved even more and adapted to the latest technological developments. The electronics comply with the requirements in the ISO 26262 safety guideline, as well as with other standards. The non-patterned 55 x 70 mm polycarbonate lens projects the light from the reflector systematically in the required direction. The module has a hardened plastic cover lens, has no moving parts and is passively cooled. It comes with an FEP or DEUTSCH connector and as an ECE or SAE version. An integrated function output for the failure monitor is already included.
The L 5570 BI-LED module is EMC-tested and has EC type approval; in addition, it is dust-proof and resistant to high-pressure cleaning.
Millions of products from HELLA"s 90 mm modular headlamp series prove their worth under tough conditions every day.
This product range exhibits an impressive product depth consisting of 3 current series that cover a wide array of requirements, including the caravan area.
The L 5570 Bi-LED 2nd generation module is the latest addition to our 90 mm modular headlamp series. A single, innovative BI-LED module generates light for low beams and high beams. The risk of defects that can result from the use of mechanical parts is reduced because the high beams are activated by a second reflector. The LED technology used offers other advantages, including excellent illumination which works with newly developed lighting electronics to further optimize light distribution in the low beams and high beams. In addition, the LEDs used are both energy-efficient and maintenance-free. This means that operating costs are quite a bit lower than for other light technologies.
The modular system of the entire 90 mm modular headlamp series, as well as the L 5570 Bi-LED 2nd generation module, offer users maximum design and technology freedom.
Also take advantage of our extensive 90 mm module configurator. This tool shows you the options for equipping a vehicle with original equipment or upgrading it with 90 mm LED modules. See realistic shots from Europe"s biggest light testing facility and compare the light distribution of halogen and LED modules, in order to help you make the right choice for your application.

Operating voltage: Multi-volt 9 – 32 V

Functions: Bi-LED (low beam and high beam)

Connection: Integrated FEP connector, 4-pin or integrated DEUTSCH connector, 4-pin

Specification*: HELLA standard 67101 1.2 Car Premium/3.2 Caravan Premium/4.1 Bus/6.1 Truck

Type approval:
Low beam: ECE-R112 S01 / SAE J566, FMVSS108
High beam: ECE-R112 S01 / SAE J566, FMVSS108

*Note: A 3A fuse from HELLA must be used for all LED headlamps. A fuse of > 3A is not sufficient to safely interrupt the power supply in the event of a fault. In the case of unknown protection, an external safety switch (e.g. 8JD 743 557-021) must always be used. If water gets in, incorrect protection can lead to damage ranging from melting to burning of the product.

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