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The HELLA highlights for caravans and motorhomes: Strong partners.

Enjoy independence and experience individuality: This is exactly what makes traveling in a caravan or motorhome appealing. The design and technology requirements for the mobile home continue to increase, however. It is therefore good to know that you have strong partners on your side with HELLA highlight products – products that you can count on. From specially developed lighting solutions such as the Caraluna X rear combination lamp through to innovative electronics products like the intelligent battery sensor: Our expertise in this area spans many years, and the quality we deliver is nothing less than impressive. This is why you should place your trust in HELLA - Your customers will thank you for it!

  • The modular Shapeline single-function and multi-function light series from HELLA.

The whole concept of design played a very special part during the developing of the modular HELLA Shapeline single and multi-function lamp series. Thanks to the possibility of individual configuring and arranging of lamps on the front, side and rear end, now even caravan manufacturers involved in small-batch production can bestow upon each of their vehicle series an image or a look which is design-oriented, individual and consistent. HELLA Shapeline – Design your light!

  • The modular Shapeline single-function and multi-function light series from HELLA.

HELLA is setting new standards with the L 5570 Bi-LED 2nd generation module. Contributing factors include overhauled lighting electronics in line with the latest technological developments, which work with innovative reflector technology to further optimize light distribution in the low beam and high beam range. Another factor is the variability offered by the entire HELLA 90 mm modular headlamp series.

  • The new HELLA customized 90 mm Bi LED module for caravans.

The 90 mm LED module L4060 supplements the proven 90 mm module series from HELLA to include an additional LED range. With different light functions such as low beams, high beams, fog lights, direction indicators, daytime running lights and position lights, numerous applications can be covered.

  • The LED module L4060 - innovative LED addition to the 90 mm series from HELLA

The Caraluna X from HELLA is a rear combination lamp of the latest generation that is available as a bulb and hybrid version. By incorporating innovative LED light guide technology, it provides for a unique rear design and a homogenous signal characteristic.

  • The innovative Caraluna X rear combination lamp: The latest-generation rear combination lamp from HELLA

The HELLA LED circular module with innovative LED edge light technology is a combination taillight / brake light with circumferential light functions. It represents consistent further development of the 009 362 series, which can be replaced with the new module 1:1.

  • LED circular ring module in innovative LED edge light technology, from HELLA

The LED auxiliary brake light from HELLA, available in two lengths, is eye-catching and features solid technology. The LED light array with innovative light guide technology lends the vehicle an unmistakable rear design as a style-enhancing element.

  • Slim LED auxiliary brake light with innovative light guide technology from HELLA

The new HELLA Repulse and Repulse Pro reversing lights are especially well suited to motorhomes. The ultra-compact LED headlamps impress with their light color that approximates that of natural daylight and the extremely wide dispersion, and they effectively avoid unlit areas behind and to the sides of the motorhome.

  • The new Repulse and Repulse Pro LED reversing lights, with extremely wide coverage, from HELLA

The intelligent battery sensor (IBS), generation II from HELLA is the key element for vehicle energy management in the vehicle. The IBS generation II reliably and accurately measures the battery parameters: voltage, current and temperature.

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