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"COLUNA" full LED rear combination lamp

Die innovative Heckleuchte Coluna: Mehrfunktions-Heckleuchte der neusten Generation von HELLA
Designstarke Voll-LED-Heckleuchte "COLUNA" mit silbernem Rahmen von HELLA
Strichzeichnung der designstarken Voll-LED-Heckleuchte "COLUNA" von HELLA
The light functions – tail light, stop light, direction indicator, rear fog lamp and back-up light – of the new full LED combination rear lamp "COLUNA" from HELLA for city buses and coaches exclusively feature LED technology.
The tail light, in combination with the reflex reflector, is generated by means of a ground-breaking flat LED light guide, and has been registered as a patent.
The light can be installed both horizontally and vertically. It can be mounted from the front with fixing screws or from the back with fastening bolts.
The combination rear lamp features an impact-resistant lens and is designed to withstand strong shocks and vibrations. It also has protection class I6K9K which means it is dustproof and waterproof, also when submerged. Intelligent thermal management is used to protect LEDs from overheating and subsequent failure.
Different variants with and without pulsing for indicator failure checks, with various frame colors and with triangular reflex reflectors, are available.
The LED combination rear lamp from HELLA, which can be mounted horizontally or vertically, provides the advantage of implementing all light functions in LED technology – for maximum efficiency and lighting. The innovative and patented flat LED light guide from HELLA is just one of several products to offer this advantage.
The LEDs provide optimum illumination and consume significantly less power than conventional bulbs.
Another plus is the lengthy lifetime of the LEDs, which can last the lifetime of the vehicle depending on the ambient temperature. The cost of upkeep is negligible as the bulbs do not require changing and no maintenance is required.
An indicator failure check is optional with the full LED rear combination lamp: This enhances safety as the vehicle electronics system immediately detects any malfunction of the indicators and warns the driver at once.
You can also express your individuality through various frame colors and diverse mounting options.

Functions: Tail light, stop light, direction indicator, rear fog lamp, back-up light with a square reflex reflector

Dimensions: 300 x 130 x 40 mm

Operating voltage: 12 V / 24 V

Type approval: ECE / ADR / EMV, E24 5879 and 5880 / E24 10R 04 0071

Degree of protection: IP 6K9K

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