Thermal management
Thermal management

Thermal management from Behr Hella Service: optimum air conditioning for person and machine

Learn all there is to know about thermal management for agricultural and construction vehicles from Behr Hella Service
Reliable thermal management plays an important role, particularly in settings with agricultural and construction vehicles. Day after day, these vehicles are subjected to frequently harsh weather conditions and have to withstand high mechanical loads on a regular basis. Drivers must also adapt to frequently changing climate conditions.
In order to meet the high requirements placed on man and machine, it is therefore particularly important that modern thermal management solutions be used that provide for effective engine cooling and optimal vehicle air conditioning.

It's a good thing that you can also rely on the outstanding thermal management proficiency of Behr Hella Service for agricultural and construction vehicles.

After all, we offer a well-rounded product range in this application area as well, coupled with excellent service. As one of the leading suppliers of engine cooling and vehicle air conditioning solutions, Behr's OE product expertise and the global sales organization of HELLA ensure that this promise is kept. The Behr Hella Service joint venture offers the perfect combination of price, performance and quality, and independent parts dealers and specialized agricultural and construction vehicle dealers can receive all thermal management services from a single source. Competent and reliable.

In the process, our product portfolio covers a wide range of applications and continues to be expanded.
When it comes to agricultural vehicles, we offer specially developed products for engine cooling and vehicle air conditioning ─ from vehicle-specific parts through to universal products.
Our thermal management solutions for construction machinery also encompass engine cooling and vehicle air conditioning. This includes spare parts for compressed-air compressors and engines as well as engine cooling and vehicle air conditioning for construction vehicles from leading manufacturers.

We also step up to the plate when it comes to providing the right lubrication for high-quality air-conditioning systems with our large offering of compressor oils for a wide range of requirements.
You should therefore look no further than the professional solutions of Behr Hella Service for engine cooling and air conditioning for agricultural and construction vehicles! Read our brochure for an overview of our complete product range in this area and additional information.
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