HELLA is quality. We do not make this claim lightly – it is our promise to you that every single product we develop and offer meets our ambitious expectations.
Rigorous internal quality criteria and tests ensure that these expectations also become reality. Our quality mindset – to achieve consistently high product quality at the highest technical level – is applied to the entire development and manufacturing process. This is the only way to make sure we achieve our most important objective: outstanding customer satisfaction.
And time and again feedback from our customers positively affirms that with this approach we are exactly on the right track. But don't just take our word for it; experience our quality mindset at first hand – and our products which only carry the name HELLA for justifiable reasons!



Quality assurance for agricultural and construction vehicles: leak-tightness testing of work lights

HELLA lighting products for agricultural and construction vehicles satisfy the most stringent demands. You can find out more about how we ensure consistently high product quality in this area – and also about the comprehensive testing procedures we carry out to achieve this – by visiting our microsite.


Testing of the HELLA radio control system for agricultural and construction vehicles

Only products that have passed our comprehensive test procedures are good enough for our customers. This applies for our lighting portfolio and electronic products in equal measure.
Our tests cover, among other things, the entire range of requirements relevant to the area of agricultural and construction vehicles.
The products are tested for spray and salt water resistance, high-pressure cleaner suitability and dust resistance, for example. Thermal tests verify resistance to cold and heat. Comprehensive physical tests, such as dropping and vibration tests as well as strength tests are used to simulate stressful environments and the functional capability of the products is assessed in these situations. A range of electrical tests are carried out to simulate real-life operating conditions, also during continuous operation.
The products are only released internally once it has been verified beyond all doubt that all test criteria have been satisfied – there is after all no other way to meet the high HELLA quality requirements.


The ultimate reward for our work: Satisfied users who recognize HELLA quality in all respects – also in the area of agricultural and construction vehicles.


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You can learn more about our testing process on our Microsite Quality.
Experience our electronics products for agricultural and construction machinery interactively.
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