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Electrical/electronic system product selection

You can find sensors, actuators, switches and numerous other components for a variety of applications in our electrical and electronics system range. Genuine HELLA products for professionals!


  • Energy Management
  • Drive train
  • Components
  • Electrics
Oil pressure and temperature sensor (OPS+T)
  • Sensor for continuous measurement of the absolute oil pressure and oil temperature
  • The use of the multi-chip module means it can be utilized in harsh environments.
  • Guaranteed protection against oil leakage
Oil level sensors
  • Sensor for continuous measurement of engine oil level and temperature in the static and dynamic range
  • Compact design affords greater resistance to impacts and vibrations
  • Also suitable for transmissions and hydraulic oils
Accelerator pedal sensors
  • Wear-free, exceptionally precise measuring principle based on CIPOS sensor technology
  • High immunity to interference from electrical and magnetic fields
  • Simple mechanical connection
  • The electrical actuators are designed for use wherever electrical locking/unlocking or pull/push functions of opening and closing mechanisms are required.
Turning angle sensors
  • Single or redundant sensors with a high degree of precision due to internal 14-bit resolution
  • High temperature stability and linearity and high immunity to magnetic fields
  • Zero position can be individually programmed
Rain/light sensor for vehicles with steeply raked windscreens
  • Optics specially designed for vehicles with steeply raked windshields
  • Dual function: rain and light detection (surroundings and tunnel detection)
Strong tone horn S90
  • Rich, high-quality tone with noise propagation
  • Effective sound
  • Guaranteed brand quality
  • Practice-proven service life
Effective strong tone horn S90 from HELLA
Module switches
  • 3100 series: Range of waterproof module switches for electrical systems
  • 4100 series: Self-cleaning micro-switches for electrical and electronic systems
  • 4570/7832 series: Basic program for simple electrical systems, tried-and-tested for more than 20 years
LED 4JZ flasher units
  • Universal connection of LED direction indicators for 12V and 24V applications
  • With a maximum load-carrying capacity of 42 watts
  • Black plastic housing with blade terminals
Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) 12V
  • Accurate measurement of voltage, current and temperature battery parameters
  • Determination of the battery condition parameters - state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH) and state of function (SOF)
  • Simple electrical and mechanical integration