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The modular Shapeline single-function and multi-function light series from HELLA.
Flexible combinations: The modular Shapeline single-function and multi-function light series from HELLA.

The HELLA Shapeline series, with its modular concept, offers users a huge selection of single and multi-function lights for front, side and rear vehicle lighting. These lights come in various shapes and sizes and they have varying lighting functions. The lights on offer include backup light, rear fog light, warning light, tail-stop light, tail-stop-direction indicator light, side marker light, clearance light, direction indicator, reflex reflector and position light. Design elements without a lighting function are also available. Thanks to the modular character of the product range, these lamps can be combined in virtually every constellation conceivable.

Depending on the lighting function concerned, the lamps are available with red, white or yellow cover lenses.
Each module is designed along symmetrical lines. They can be mounted either on the right or left side of a vehicle and they can also be turned by 180°.
The multi-volt compatible Shapeline lamps are SAE and ECE approved and they also conform to EMV5. Furthermore, these lamps have been given protection classes IP6K7 and IPX9K, a fact which makes them pressure washing-resistant and dust-proof. Depending on the function of the lights, there are three different mounting options: adhesion, screwing and snapshut ball pin mounting.

This means that the Shapeline modules can be implemented in almost all the usual vehicle environments - and that also includes agricultural vehicles.


A great deal is expected from lighting intended for agricultural vehicles: in addition to an especially robust and resistant construction, which can withstand tough conditions out in the field, a high degree of technical functionality in every working situation is also an absolute must.

And these are the very characteristics which the new Shapeline series from HELLA marries together in perfect harmony. But the Shapeline lamps can do even more! Their modular concept and the resulting kaleidoscope of shapes and styles enable you to choose a totally individual lighting design even for your agricultural vehicles. The result is an absolutely unique look.

Two design styles, the classically linear concept of the Shapeline Tech design and the sweeping dynamic curves of the Shapeline Style, allow you a huge degree of freedom to create your own design.

And this is then enhanced with just as huge a helping of fantastic functionality: all kinds of different lighting functions, which can be individually combined, cover virtually all the regular agricultural requirements.

If in the past it was not possible for especially small batch vehicle production to profit from individual lighting design, now manufacturers involved in small-scale series will also be able to have such lighting for their vehicles and vehicle lines.
So why not try our easy-to-use online configuration tool and find out exactly how you can design your own lighting?


Functions: Position light, reflex reflector, direction indicator, clearance light, tail-stop light, side marker light, tail-stop-direction indicator, backup light, rear fog light, warning light

Operating temperature: - 40 °C to + 60 °C

Reverse polarity protection in place

Operating voltage: Multi-voltage 9-32 V

Type test: ECE/SAE/EMV

EMV class: 5

Protection class: IP 6K9K

Integrated short-circuit protection: available

Integrated short circuit protection in place
Refer to our brochure for extensive technical information with detailed information on the specifications of the individual modules.

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