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Ein echtes HELLA Highlight: Der Q90 LED
Leistungsstarke Innovation: Der HELLA Q90 LED
Das HELLA 90 mm Modulscheinwerfer-Programm im informativen 90 mm Konfigurator
The HELLA Q90 LED is the first work light from the new “Thermo Pro Series”. It features an innovative, thermo-conductive plastic housing, which, coupled with the cooling fins, ensures particularly effective heat dissipation for the four high-power LEDs. What’s more, the new material is ultralight and completely resistant to corrosion.
The four high-power LEDs generate a powerful 1,200-lumen light output, while the 6,500-Kelvin color temperature is similar to daylight and prevents the eyes from getting tired quickly at night.
The energy consumption of the multi-volt-capable Q90 LED is 25 watts. The system is water and dustproof, features protection class IP 6K9K/IP 6K7, and is suitable for use with a high-pressure cleaner.
The range includes variants for both close-range and long-range illumination. Upright or pendant surface mounting is possible.
The compact HELLA Q90 LED is an exciting development thanks to its innovative technology, a brilliant design, and a powerful output, which is produced by the four high-power LEDs with a 1200-lumen light output, coupled with a brand new housing concept. As a world first and forerunner of a brand new headlamp generation, the Q90 LED is the first to feature the innovative Thermo-Pro plastic housing, which, along with thermal conductivity, also features high impact resistance, weight savings, and absolute corrosion resistance.
As a result, the headlamp has an incredibly long service life and can withstand loads that arise during use. What’s more, the energy-efficient and maintenance-free LED technology also contribute to these benefits.
The light color that is similar to daylight effectively helps to prevent the driver from developing symptoms of fatigue, which significantly increases work safety.
The Q90 LED also features impressive versatility, which allows it to meet a wide range of requirements: Thanks to different lenses, the work light can be used for both close-range and long-range illumination

Operating voltage / rated voltage: 9 – 33 V
Light source type: 4 high-power LEDs
Power consumption: 25 W
Light output: 1,200 lm
Color temperature: 6,500 Kelvin
Protection class: IP 6K9K, IP 6K7
Type approval: E1, ECE-R10
Housing: Thermo-conductive plastic
Light exit area: 90 x 90 mm 

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