HELLA highlights for agricultural vehicles include extensive solutions and selected products for a wide range of applications. Regardless of whether you need powerful work lights, flexible module headlamps, or innovative electronics solutions, at HELLA you will always find the right product to meet your needs. Learn about select products from the areas of lighting and electronics here.



The Bi-LED headlamp is part of the HELLA 90 mm module series and combines low and high beam in one module. With its excellent lighting performance, the module replaces the 1st and 2nd generation of Bi-LED modules (L 70 and L 5570) as their successor.

  • Bi-LED module L 4565

The modular HELLA Shapeline single-function and multi-function light series marries together technology and design perfectly. Countless lighting functions and light shapes also give manufacturers with low vehicle numbers the opportunity to design an individual, yet consistent design, regardless of the model.

What does it look like? Our convenient online configuration tool invites you to try out your own design visions. Be your own lighting designer!

  • Die modulare Shapeline Ein- und Mehrfunktionsleuchten-Baureihe von HELLA.

The LED work lamp series Modular Worklight is combinable with the HELLA Shapeline series. This way vehicle manufacturers can now give their series an unmistakable, unique light signature from the from to the rear.


FMS is the name of the new, flat and compact LED work lamp from HELLA. The FMS ensures a homogenous close-range illumination of the work area all around the vehicle, even with a vertical wall mounting.

  • fms

The K-LED Rebelution marries together design, quality and function in one product and is setting new standards in the beacon market with its minimalist light exit area.

  • K-LED Rebelution

The 77 GHz radar technology from HELLA enables 360 degree environment detection and thus increases safety in on- and off-highway applications. Even under extreme environmental conditions the radar sensor ensures a stable measuring signal.

  • Safe highlight: The electronic immobilizers from HELLA

Lighting solutions have long been especially significant design features for the automotive equipment sector and are therefore gradually also penetrating the field of agriculture machinery. Unique and distinctive design plays an increasingly important role in in this sector. and customized LED lighting solutions are an optimal way of achieving this. HELLA has more than 100 years’ experience of original automotive equipment and continues to advance lighting technology from the idea to the finished product. This makes it possible to optimally implement manufacturers’ and designers’ requirements. Our global network utilizes the company-internal synergies and resources to maximum effect. This transfer of knowledge combined with our expertise from large-scale automotive production are clear benefits for new developments. And, most importantly: We actively involve the customer in this process, from idea to finished product. We can make dreams come true. Do you require products that are precisely tailored to your requirements? Not a problem for us. Contact us and together we can step into the future.

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