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The work light product range from HELLA offers the perfect solution for any application scenario, whether close or long-range area lighting, halogen, xenon or LED. Whether close or long-range area lighting, halogen, xenon or LED, one thing is the same for all work lights: The outstanding, proven quality of each product.

HELLA quality characteristics
Surface coating thermal management electromagnetic compatibility Electrostatic discharge (ESD) Reverse polarity Quality of the LEDs Adhesion Lens material Light distribution via the reflector system
HELLA quality characteristics

Surface coating

High quality coatings protect the aluminum components of HELLA work lights from salt and chemicals and therefore from corrosion.

Corrosion can ruin the seal on headlights. In the worst case, water can penetrate and destroy the electronics.

HELLA quality characteristics

Thermal management

The thermal management of HELLA work lights is thoroughly calculated: The heat of the LEDs is evenly distributed and deflected via the housing. If there is a risk of overheating, individual LEDs are automatically dimmed.

Without thermal management, LEDs can very quickly overheat. This makes their service life drop dramatically. Hot spots can deform the entire electronics board, soldering connections can break, causing the complete headlight to fail.

HELLA quality characteristics

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

The LED arrangement in HELLA's work lights and the construction of the reflector ensure that no interference occurs from magnetic fields.

LED headlights that are not correctly shielded, produce strong electro-magnetic fields which interfere with the electronic system, radio and GPS.

HELLA quality characteristics

Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Before HELLA employees are allowed to enter the LED production, they have to be statically discharged to ensure that no components can be damaged by charging.

Static discharge caused by damaged electronic components can make entire headlights unusable. There is a threat of expensive downtime.

HELLA quality characteristics

Reverse polarity

HELLA work lights are protected against reverse polarity. If they are wrongly connected, they will not be damaged.

If a wrongly connected headlight is not protected against reverse polarity, the electronics will be completed destroyed when it is switched on.

HELLA quality characteristics

Quality of the LEDs

Only LEDs that have undergone strict tests are used in HELLA's work lights. The selection guarantees the extremely long service life of the LEDs of up to 60,000 hours.

Resorting to untested, cheap LEDs brings the risk of a shortened service life and malfunction. Then LED technology cannot be used to its full advantage.

HELLA quality characteristics


The work lights at HELLA are hermetically sealed by high-accuracy glue-dispensing robots. This guarantees that the lens is glued at an optimal angle for the optimum light yield which has been precisely calculated.

Inferior headlights are often glued manually. An irregular adhesive bed can lead to the lens angle, and thus the light yield, not being ideal. If the lens is no longer tight or becomes detached, water can penetrate and make the headlight unusable.

HELLA quality characteristics

Lens material

The lens of HELLA work lights is made of high quality, impact and scratch-proof plastic which is 100% suitable for daily use. The light emitted remains homogeneous, even after colliding with a branch or anything similar.

Lenses made of inferior plastic can break and scratch easily. Each scratch leads to undesired light refraction - the more there is, the more irregular the illumination is.

HELLA quality characteristics

Light distribution via the reflector system

The reflectors of HELLA work lights are calculated in such a way to ensure that the working area is evenly illuminated and the light optimally used.

work lights with an unsuitable light control system illuminate the working area unevenly and waste a large part of the light. Brighter spots distract your eyes, making others details difficult to see.

The light-optimized 2nd generation is suitable for all applications that require powerful illumination. With an enormous 4,000 lumens, the energy-efficient Ultra Beam LED Gen. II proves that it can also be a more than adequate replacement for xenon work lights. The heavy-duty bracket holds the headlamp in position, even in the event of strong vibrations.

Product features:

  • The most powerful Ultra Beam ever
  • Light output of 4,000 lumens
  • 56 watt power consumption
  • Voltage range of 9 – 33 volts
  • Connection: integrated DEUTSCH connector

Ultra Beam LED Gen. II with standard foot:

1GA 995 606-001 close-range illumination
1GA 995 606-011 long-range illumination

1GA 995 606-011 ZEROGLARE*

*The innovative ZEROGLARE technology not only provides excellent light for the near-field area, but also increases safety immensely when working.
The ZEROGLARE system ensures that the driver of the oncoming vehicle is not dazzled. The cut-off line is very sharp and the light is focused on the area in front of the vehicle.

With heavy-duty bracket:

1GA 995 606-071 close-range illumination
1GA 995 606-081 long-range illumination

Ultra Beam LED Gen. II from HELLA

With the Oval 90 LED Gen. II, the modular series was expanded to include high-performance LED technology. The high-performance work light ensures that your workplace is illuminated with light similar to daylight, and is suitable for both upright and pendant assembly.

Product features:

  • Work light with sleek oval design
  • Extra-wide beam illumination
  • Light output of 4,300 lumens
  • 60 watt power consumption
  • Voltage range of 9 – 33 volts
  • Connection: integrated DEUTSCH connector

Oval 90 LED Generation II
1GB 996 486-001 close-range illumination
1GB 996 486-011 long-range illumination

HELLA Oval 90 LED work light
  • Arbeitsscheinwerfer Modul 70 LED Generation 3 - innovative LED Technologie

The robust RokLUME 380 N work light from HELLA convinces with breath-taking luminous efficiency. It was developed for the toughest working conditions. With 7,800 lumens, the innovative RokLUME 380 N provides double the light compared to similar xenon headlights. In addition to the cover lens made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, the aluminum housing is provided with a particularly robust NanoSafe coating.
This means the headlamp is especially well protected against external mechanical influences such as impact from stones, water, and salt. The hermetic sealing of the RokLUME 380 means that this is waterproof, submersible, and resistant to high-pressure cleaning.
The heavy-duty surrounding bracket and the innovative Nord-Lock screw system ensure that the headlamp always remains in the correct position, even in the event of strong vibrations.

Product features:

  • Groundbreaking luminous efficiency brings daylight to the night
  • 150 mm cable and DT connector
  • Light output of 7,800 lumens
  • 84 watt power consumption
  • Voltage range of 22 – 32 volts
  • NanoSafe coating

RokLUME 380 N
1GA 996 197-001 close range ZEROGLARE
1GA 996 197-021 long range
1GA 996 197-031 close range (flood)
1GA 996 197-041 pencil beam

Roklume 380 N: Outstanding light for the toughest use
  • Q90 LED – mit Thermo-Pro-Kunststoffgehäuse

Der Flat Beam 500 LED von HELLA ist ein kompakter und robuster LED-Arbeitsscheinwerfer in elegantem Design, der eine extrem hohe Energieeffizienz besitzt –  die Leistungsaufnahme der 30 verbauten LEDs beträgt lediglich 7 Watt. Die Gehäusetiefe von lediglich 30 mm ist ideal für Anbausituationen mit wenig Platz. Die Lichtscheibe des Flat Beam 500 wurde speziell entwickelt, so dass selbst bei ebener Wandmontage die Lichtstrahlen im 45° Winkel Richtung Boden geleitet werden. Somit kann auch bei flacher Montage eine gute Ausleuchtung des Arbeitsbereichs sichergestellt werden. Die extrem flache Bauform ermöglicht flexible Anbaumöglichkeiten.

30 energieeffiziente LEDs
Gehäuse aus glasfaserverstärktem Kunststoff
Multivoltelektronik (9-33V)
550 Lumen Lichtleistung bei nur 7W Stromverbrauch
Farbtemperatur: 5700 Kelvin
Schlagfeste Kunststoffstreuscheibe
Wasser- und staubdichtes System (hochdruckreiniger- und tauchfest)
Gewicht: 400 Gramm
Flat Beam 500 LED
1GA 995 193-001

Weitere Produktinformationen und technische Details finden Sie in der Produktinformation Flat Beam 500 LED

  • Der Flat Beam 500 LED - kompakter, robuster und effizienter HELLA Arbeitsscheinwerfer

The Q90 compact LED comes from the "Thermo Pro" work lights family. The innovative, thermally conductive plastic housing is in no way inferior to the aluminum housing that is generally used and it provides particularly effective protection against salt and water. With a light output of 1,000 lumens when consuming just 15 watts of energy, the Q90c LED is incredibly energy-efficient. For comparison: A halogen work light needs the huge amount of 55 watts of power to produce similar illumination.
Its compact dimensions mean that it is a great all-rounder.

Product features:

  • The perfect replacement for your old halogen work light
  • Light output of 1,000 lumens
  • 15 watt power consumption
  • Voltage range of 9 – 33 volts
  • Robust Thermo Pro plastic housing
  • Connection: 150 mm cable or 500 mm cable + DEUTSCH connector

Q90 Compact LED
Close-range illumination
1GA 996 284-002 150mm cable
1GA 996 284-081 DEUTSCH connector

Long-range illumination
1GA 996 284-012 150mm cable
1GA 996 284-091 DEUTSCH connector

All-rounder with thermally conductive plastic housing: Q90c LED
  • AP 1200 LED- mit überzeugender Lichtleistung

The Module 70 LED Generation IV work light is the most powerful on the market for this size. With 2,500 measured lumens, this headlamp can illuminate a large area. The light beams of the LEDs homogenously illuminate the work area thanks to the multifaceted reflector and the lens.

Product features:

  • Ideal for applications with limited space
  • Light output of 2,500 lumens
  • 30 watt power consumption
  • Voltage range of 9 – 33 volts
  • Housing made of die-cast aluminum, black powdered
  • Connection: 2,000 mm open-ended cable

Module 70 LED Gen. IV
1G0 996 476-001 close-range illumination
1G0 996 476-011 long-range illumination
1G0 996 476-031 extra wide close-range illumination

Module 70 LED work light for small installation spaces
  • Modul 90 LED – Einbau und Anbauversion

Der Flat Beam 1000 LED von HELLA ist ein extrem energieeffizienter LED-Arbeitsscheinwerfer in ultraflacher Bauweise. Durch den reduzierten Energieverbrauch von nur 11 Watt bei 1100 Lumen  Lichtleistung  wird die Umwelt besonders geschont. Dafür wurde der Scheinwerfer mit dem Green Directory Award als umweltfreundliches Produkt ausgezeichnet. Die flache Bauweise ermöglicht flexible Anbaupositionen. Die 45° Ausleuchtung bringt das Licht selbst ohne Neigung des Arbeitsscheinwerfers in den nahen Arbeitsbereich.


  • 60 energieeffiziente LEDs
  • Multivoltelektronik (9-33V)
  • Lichtleistung von 1100 Lumen bei nur 11W Stromverbrauch
  • Farbtemperatur: 5700 Kelvin
  • Wasser- und staubdichtes System (hochdruckreiniger- und tauchfest)
  • Schlagfeste Kunststoffstreuscheibe
  • Gewicht: 450 g

Flat Beam 1000 LED
1GD 996 193-001

Weitere Produktinformationen und technische Details finden Sie in der Produktinformation Flat Beam 1000 LED

Flat Beam 1000
  • Flach und extrem energieeffizient - Der Flat Beam 1000 LED

The LED Light Bar 350 in an innovative light bar design is particularly versatile. The thermally conductive plastic housing of the work light offers a huge range of mounting options, and is both very lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The illumination is particularly widely diffused and offers extremely homogenous close-range illumination.
Ideal for use in mounting positions with limited installation space.

Product features:

  • The perfect replacement for your old halogen work light
  • Light output of 2,200 lumens
  • 25 watt power consumption
  • Voltage range of 9 – 33 volts
  • Robust Thermo Pro plastic housing with flexible assembly brackets

LED Light Bar 350
1GJ 958 040–501 close-range illumination

Accessories – universal bracket

The easy-to-assemble mounting brackets can be positioned so that they are suitable for the majority of mounting locations. All nuts, screws, and brackets are made from marine-grade stainless steel. The new bracket – with its
anti-theft screw cap device – offers continuously variable adjustment.

Set of universal brackets
8HG 958 139-841

  • Ultra Beam LED – für vielfältige Einsatzmöglichkeiten

The Power Beam 1800 is the successor of the highly successful PB1000 and PB1500 work lights. With 40% more light, the Power Beam 1800 offers even better lighting conditions and improved work convenience at night. In order to reduce reflections or to avoid blinding oncoming vehicles, this headlamp has the option of a dimming function. This can be facilitated by integrating a conventional LED PWM dimmer into the supply line. You can find details in the product information.

Product features:

  • Work light with dimming function
  • Light output of 1,850 lumens
  • 36 watt power consumption
  • Voltage range of 10.5 – 16 or 22 – 32 volts
  • Connection: integrated DEUTSCH connector

Power Beam 1800
12 volt electronics
1GA 996 388-001 close-range illumination
1GA 996 388-021 long-range illumination
24 volt electronics
1GA 996 388-011 close-range illumination
1GA 996 388-031 long-range illumination

HELLA Power Beam 1800
  • LED Arbeitsscheinwerfer im ovalen Design

The smallest work light from HELLA, the Module 50 LED, features an ultra-compact design. It is particularly well suited for installation situations with limited space. At 800 lumens, the light output is well suited to close-range illumination. There is also a non-patterned variant for long-range and/or spot illumination.

Product features:

  • Ideal for applications with limited space
  • Light output of 800 lumens
  • 15 watt power consumption
  • Voltage range of 9 – 50 volts
  • Housing made of die-cast aluminum, black powdered
  • Connection: integrated DEUTSCH connector

Module 50 LED
1G0 995 050-001 close-range illumination
1G0 995 050-021 long-range illumination

Module 50 LED – the smallest work light from HELLA
  • Der meist verkaufte Arbeitsscheinwerfer

The Oval 100 LED Thermo Pro is the latest version of the comprehensive Oval 100 work light series.
In addition to complete corrosion resistance, the new innovative plastic housing provides numerous new mounting options. For the first time, the Oval 100 LED also has a side hinge attachment which
offers additional setting options during mounting. With 1,700 lumens of light output and a structured cover lens, the Oval 100 LED is perfect for close-range illumination.

Product features:

  • Modern oval design
  • Innovative, corrosion-resistant plastic housing
  • Modular series – simple conversion from halogen to LED
  • Light output of 1,700 lumens
  • 25 watt power consumption
  • Voltage range of 9 – 33 volts
  • Connection: integrated DEUTSCH connector

Oval 100 LED Thermo Pro
1GA 996 661-031 side hinge
1GA 996 661-041 standard bracket
1GA 996 661-501 hinge underneath

HELLA Oval 100 LED Thermo Pro

Despite its compact design, the Mega Beam LED Gen. IV provides an extremely high light output.
The lens and the multifaceted reflector ensure homogenous close-range illumination of the work area.
Equipped with 3 high-performance, multichip LEDs, the Mega Beam LED is rated to 2,500 lumens, while consuming just 30 watts of energy.

Product features:

  • Groundbreaking light output with compact design
  • Light output of 2,500 lumens
  • 30 watt power consumption
  • Voltage range of 9 – 33 volts

Mega Beam LED Generation IV
1GM 996 136-501 (close-range illumination, upright mounting)
1GM 996 136-511 (close-range illumination, pendant mounting)

Mega Beam LED Gen. IV is the perfect work light for close-range illumination
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