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Heat, long hours in operation, impacts and knocks. The working conditions of work lights impose great demands. Which explains why all HELLA work lights are tested to the highest standards of quality throughout development and manufacture. This enables you to deliver optimum performance.


Our all-weather work lights.

In temperature cycle tests, HELLA work lights are exposed to temperature fluctuations of –40 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius in climatic chambers. For vibration tests, temperatures fluctuate between –30 degrees and 80 degrees Celsius, while the headlamps are shaken for hours, exposing the lights to forces as high as 9.6 G at times.
These tests are pure stress for any material. But only devices that come through all the tests without any damage make it into serial production. Test reports are archived at HELLA for 15 years.

Splash-proof work light.

HELLA work lights are tested under realistic environmental conditions in universal splash water booths. The booths are equipped with devices for rain, splash water, water jets and water mist.
The test products are tested for leaks at a pressure of up to 5 bar in the dripping and spray water test and at a pressure of up to 10 bar in the water jet test.

Carwash-resistant work lights.

In one test system, the work lights are exposed to a water pressure of up to 100 bar and a water temperature of +80 degrees Celsius. This test reproduces the conditions in a carwash or when a pressure washer is used to clean the vehicle.

Headlamps not sensitive to pressure.

In this test, the headlamps are immersed to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes in a submerged pipe. No water is allowed to penetrate into the device. This test is performed for all LED work lights.

work lights

The dust protection test examines the extent to which a work light is protected against the ingress of solid foreign bodies, including dust. For this, the device is exposed to an air/dust mixture. In the salt spray test, the tough environmental conditions of life on the road are simulated. A salt spray swirls around the work lights for up to 700 hours to test their corrosion resistance.

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