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Nothing works without them ─ Electrical and electronics products from HELLA

Electrical and electronics products from HELLA also ensure that work involving heavy-duty vehicles and machinery is carried out simply and easily. Familiarize yourself with the electrical products from HELLA in an interactive manner here and receive detailed product information directly.

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Washing systems

HELLA has more than 40 years of experience developing and producing windscreen washer pumps for the automotive industry and offers consistently high quality original equipment products "Made in Germany". The wide range of products with various connectors, outputs and volumes provides the right product for agricultural vehicles: screenwasher pumps, water tanks and level sensors.

Acoustic signal units

Acoustic signaling devices

Safety is a particularly important topic when working with heavy vehicles and machinery in the agricultural and forestry industry. This also means that other road-users need to be clearly warned of approaching or reversing vehicles early on - and not only visually, but also acoustically. HELLA has been developing and producing acoustic signal units for a wide range of vehicles for almost 100 years. The range covers horns, super-tone horns, electronic dual-tone trumpet horns and compressor or pneumatic horns, and therefore offers a suitable device for every application.

Module switches

At www.hella.com/switch you can configure your module switch. You have the choice between different switch functions and 500 illuminated switch symbols. You can also choose between switches for internal and external areas. For agricultural and forestry machinery, we recommend the new, waterproof 3100 series. It meets the strict requirements of protection class IP 68.


Vehicles and work machinery used in forestry and the agricultural industry are usually high value items. Theft can therefore quickly lead to considerable financial damage - not least because of downtimes. HELLA has developed an electronic immobilizer which makes it difficult for thieves. When activated, the HELLA immobilizer interrupts alternatively one, two or even three relevant control units, for example, the starter, ignition and fuel pump. HELLA’s immobilizer is certified by the German Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority and is fully integrated. It cannot therefore be seen from the outside.
Please also remember: HELLA has more switches available, such as battery, ignition and door contact switches.


Sensor technology

The Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) informs you about the current energy status, allowing you to plan your energy supply. In order to carefully conserve the energy of the vehicle battery, it is necessary to know the state of charge, ageing and any changes to the battery, as weak batteries are the main cause of vehicle breakdown in more than 50% of cases according to a study by ADAC. In addition to that, HELLA offers additional products, such as accelerator pedal, oil level or rain / light sensors.

control units

Control Units

The engine control unit is one of the most important control units in a vehicle. It handles the calculations required to run the engine in the vehicle. You will find corresponding products in the HELLA catalogs.

The K-LED Rebelution marries together design, quality and function in one product and is setting new standards in the beacon market with its minimalist light exit area.

  • K-LED Rebelution
HELLA offers various plug connectors for agricultural machinery.

The extremely robust 2, 7 and 13-pin plug-in systems with various connectors are particularly suitable for use in agricultural machines, such as combine harvesters or tractors. Suitable cables for this are also available from HELLA, and are even sold by the meter. Look in the Electrical Vehicle Installation brochure.

HELLA offers a wide variety of products relevant to installation materials.

SUPERSEAL connectors are installed in several stages which require the highest level of precision. The result: An absolutely reliable power supply. Here, connectors are used to install a HELLA Flat Beam 500 LED on the inside of the inspection flap on a combine harvester. SUPERSEAL connectors are designed for extreme environmental conditions—they are resistant to water, salt, ozone, petrol, diesel, engine oil and brake fluid. The SUPERSEAL case from HELLA contains various tools and a range of SUPERSEAL connector bodies, male/female contacts, individual cable seals and blind plugs.

You will find more HELLA installation material products in the Electrical Vehicle Installation brochure.

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Module switch configuration tool
Configure your individual module switch.

Configure your individual module switch.

Horns and fanfares online tool
Find the right horn for a tractor, combine harvester or other agricultural vehicle

Find the right horn for a tractor, combine harvester or other agricultural vehicle.

Mobile App Horns
Find the right horn for a tractor, combine harvester or other agricultural vehicle on the go

Find the right horn for a tractor, combine harvester or other agricultural vehicle on the go – with the free mobile app.