Electronic immobilizer
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Electronic immobilizer
Sicheres Highlight: Die Elektronische Wegfahrsperre von HELLA

The electronic immobilizer from HELLA – certified by the German Federal Office for Motor Vehicles – safeguards your customer’s vehicles from unauthorized use, also providing anti-theft protection. After its installation, the immobilizer is fully integrated and cannot be detected by unauthorized persons. It is activated by disconnecting one of up to three control units required for operation, e.g. the starter, ignition and fuel pump. In addition to the control unit, the scope of delivery also includes the connection cable set, an antenna unit, as well as a blue transponder key for operating the immobilizer and a master key for programming it.

A total of up to 10 keys can be programmed for each immobilizer control unit.

The immobilizer is activated as soon as the mechanical key is put into starting position “0” (automatically after 5 seconds) and stays there.

The immobilizer is deactivated using a valid mechanical key and a valid electronic key (transponder). The transponder is read as soon as the mechanical key in the start switch switches terminal 15 on.

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