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HELLA offers a comprehensive product range in the area of electrical installation material that covers all requirements, including those in the agriculture sector. Products include fuses and plug connectors as well as a wide variety of cables, cable connectors and insulation and bundling materials. Many more products – from trailer connection units, to battery terminals, through to hose and pipe clamps – round off our comprehensive range.
And since electrical installations are not possible without the right tools at hand, HELLA provides the solutions needed here as well, as our crimping tools, release tools and tool boxes are even good enough to meet professional requirements. 


  • Installation material from HELLA

HELLA offers a comprehensive selection of Superseal materials as well as the necessary crimping and release tools needed for installation. HELLA Superseal plug connectors comply with IEC 529 regulations and DIN ISO 40050 and come with protection class IP 67, which offers the maximum level of water and dust proofing. The quality of the Superseals makes these connections ideal wherever other interconnection systems reach their limits due to adverse pressure or humidity conditions. A step-by-step guide on how to crimp correctly is provided in our brochure– or in our informative video clip.

  • Superseal plug connectors

The ABS/EBS plug connectors and systems in accordance with ISO 7638-1/ISO 7638-2 are used in almost all commercial vehicles with ABS/EBS systems. HELLA offers a comprehensive product range in this area as well. All products meet the high standards on modern trailer plug-type connectors in accordance with IS 4091 and impress with their easy installation. High-quality laminated contacts with crimp connections ensure safe, reliable connection points, especially in conjunction with the matching HELLA crimping tools. A step-by-step guide on how to correctly crimp ABS/EBS plug connectors is provided in our brochure – or simply view our matching video clip.

  • ABS/EBS systems

The concept of the HELLA DEUTSCH "DT series" plug connectors combines high-quality materials with a connecting system characterized by both reliability and easy handling. An environmental seal offers maximum protection against external influencing factors: HELLA DT connections remain highly flexible, even when subjected to very high or low temperatures, and are extremely impact and vibration resistant. Thanks to these properties, the product range is particularly suited to applications where maximum performance is required with a minimum number of disruptions, despite tough environmental conditions.
It goes without saying that HELLA also offers the right crimping tools for DT connectors as well as provides you with the matching step-by-step guide. These can be found in our brochure, or you can watch our accompanying video clip.

  • HELLA DEUTSCH "DT series" plug connectors
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