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It is especially in the worlds of agriculture and forestry that heavy vehicles and machines are often used, for example when harvesting in the fields or during logging work. Combine harvesters and similar vehicles often need a lot of space. Furthermore, they are not so easy to manoeuvre and frequently their drivers do not have the best visibility. Therefore it is essential to give a clear warning to other road users in good time – only then can safety be guaranteed for all parties concerned. Beacons with a strong warning effect send out the following message to other road users: care should be taken – work is being carried out around the vehicle. They give maximum safety to the user and to third parties thanks to their intensive warning signals. This safety is achieved by the optimum light bundling and distribution, the resulting high range and also the very high light intensity.


  • Combine harvester with HELLA beacon

Small design, maximum power: The HELLA K-LED Nano is the smallest beacon in the HELLA range to date. Despite its compact dimensions, it achieves an attention-grabbing warning effect with its flashing, long-range amber light signal. Thanks to the energy-efficient, long-life LED technology, the warning signal is generated without moving parts – the beacon is therefore insensitive to vibrations and shocks. And because of its waterproof and dustproof design, the robust housing and its impact-resistant light dome, it can even withstand severe stress and strain resulting from daily work without any problems. Its minimal space requirements mean that the K-LED Nano is particularly suitable for installation in confined spaces and it thus offers a high degree of application flexibility. The various mounting options contribute to this flexibility: the beacon is suitable both for fixed mounting and also for flexible pipe socket mounting. With the pipe socket variant, the shock-absorbing, vibration-damping base with 45° tilt capability and automatic reset provides additional protection against shocks and impacts.Product features:

  • Ultra-compact design with high light intensity
  • Flashing warning signal
  • Long-life LED technology with no moving parts
  • Absolutely dustproof and waterproof thanks to complete sealing, impact-resistant amber light dome
  • Various mounting options
  • Low power consumption of ø 5 watt, max. 19 watt
  • 12 V/24 V multi-voltage

2XD 066 146-001 Flashing, amber light colour, fixed mounting 2XD 066 146-011 Flashing, amber light colour, flexible pipe socket mounting More details can be found in our Brief information sheet.

  • K-LED Nano Fix

Slim appearance, convincing light output: with a height of only 50 mm, the beacon known as HELLA VALUEFIT Slim has a very compact design. This allows it to be optimally integrated into the vehicle line, even in confined spaces. As part of the HELLA VALUEFIT programme, it offers excellent value for money. Thanks to the energy-efficient, maintenance-free LED technology, the beacon generates the eye-catching single or double flash signal entirely without moving parts. The VALUEFIT Slim is consequently resistant to vibrations and shocks. In addition, the lamp is completely dustproof and waterproof and also high-pressure jet cleaner resistant. The robust aluminium base and impact-resistant polycarbonate light dome effectively protect the VALUEFIT Slim from damage caused by external influences, such as impacts and knocks. The aluminium base also ensures effective heat dissipation and prevents overheating. The integrated electronics of the beacon, which weighs only 294 grams, ensure a constant warning signal even if there are voltage fluctuations and they also protect against polarity reversal. The beacon has ECE and SAE approval and is mounted using the fixed surface method.Product features:

  • Slim design and low installation height
  • Absolutely dustproof and waterproof and high-pressure jet cleaner resistant
  • Robust aluminium base and impact-resistant light dome
  • Power consumption 24 watts
  • 12 V/24 V multi-voltage
  • Good value for money

Single and double flash signal, amber light colour, fixed surface mounting
Double flash signal, amber light colour flexible pipe socket mounting

You can find more information in our brief information.

  • HELLA Valuefit Slim

The most striking feature of the K-LED Rebelution is its unique and unconventional design. It manages without the usual classic dome and impresses with its discreet, futuristic styling. With a height of only approximately 60 mm and a diameter of 149 mm, the beacon has a very compact size and is therefore ideal for vehicles subject to height restrictions. The K-LED Rebelution is suitable as a 1:1 replacement for all other fixed mounted versions of HELLA beacons. The identical hole spacing means it is quick to replace.

Product features:

  • Light colour: amber
  • Multi-voltage (12 V/24 V)
  • Housing: Aluminium
  • Cable length: 150 mm
  • Weight: 690 g including rubber base
  • Protection class: IP 6K7, IP 6K9K
  • EMC protection CISPR 25 Class 3 (rotating), CISPR 25 Class 5 (flashing)

Fixed attachment, flashing 2XD 455 255-001 Fixed attachment, rotating 2RL 455 256-001

Further information and technical details can be found in our K-LED Rebelution product information and in our Flyer.


The RotaLED Compact is the LED successor to the existing Rotafix, Rotaflex and Rota Compact halogen beacon series. These can all be exchanged 1:1 with the RotaLED Compact. The beacon has no moving parts – with the flashing light function being generated by maintenance-free and energy-efficient LEDs. This is a distinct advantage especially when it comes to daily work in the agricultural sector: High reliability is crucial here – with the RotaLED Compact, failures can be reduced and downtimes minimised.

The robust design with the amber light dome and black, polycarbonate housing offers a high degree of protection against enormous strain, for example during harvesting. This applies in particular to the flexible variant, which effectively absorbs impact and knocks thanks to its special design. The beacon is then returned to its optimal position; any risk of damage is thus reduced.

The RotaLED Compact is also available as a beacon for magnetic mounting or for fixed attachment from above and therefore allows maximum freedom of application.

Product features:

  • Light colour: amber
  • Light function: flashing, LED
  • SAE-Class 2: Multi-voltage technology (10-32 V); SAE-Class 3: 12/24 V
  • Current consumption: 10 W (SAE-Class 2); 4 W (SAE-Class 3)
  • Dustproof and high-pressure jet cleaner resistant
  • Surface mounting variants: Fixed, flexible, magnetic

More information can be found in our Brief information sheet and in our Product flyer

Rota LED Compact, pdf

  • RotaLED_Compact_Highlight_Municipal_HELLA

The Rota LED from HELLA is impressive because of the following attributes: its high efficiency at a low rate of current consumption, its flat, compact design and the rotating LED light function with no moving parts. With its shock-absorbing rubber foot, it is highly resilient to vibration and thus perfectly suited to challenging areas of applications such as those occurring in agricultural and forestry settings. A flat, compact design and impact-resistant dome made of polycarbonate protect the beacon from impact caused by branches and the like. Three different surface mounting variants guarantee a solution for every field of application.

Product features:

  • Light colour: amber
  • Multi-voltage technology (10-32 V)
  • Current consumption: 10 watts
  • Dustproof and high-pressure jet cleaner resistant
  • Surface mounting variants: Fixed, flexible, magnetic
  • Weight: 850 g (Fixed), 970 g (Flexible), 930 g (Magnetic)

KL Rota LED F 2RL 010 979-001KL Rota LED FL 2RL 010 979-011KL Rota LED M 2RL 010 979-021

Further product information and technical details can be found in the Rota LED Product information sheet

  • Reliable warning effect in LED technology with the Rota LED from HELLA

The Rotaflex beacon from HELLA is characterised by its compact construction and distinctive design. Another feature is its high resistance, which is achieved by a particularly impact-resistant polycarbonate light dome and also by the pipe socket mounting, which boasts a shock-absorbing, vibration-damping base. This makes the beacon particularly suitable for use under extreme stress and strain – an important criterion in agriculture and forestry.

Product features:

  • Light colour: amber
  • Available as a 12 V and 24 V variant
  • Flexible pipe socket mounting
  • Dustproof and high-pressure jet cleaner resistant
  • Current consumption: 55 watt (12 V variant), 70 watt (24 V variant)
  • Weight: 840 g

KL Rotaflex FL 12 V 2RL 006 846-001KL Rotaflex FL 24 V 2RL 006 846-011

  • The Rotaflex from HELLA - robustness in a distinctive design

The Rota Compact rotating beacon from HELLA is small and impact-resistant and impresses with its high-quality technology and good light values. Its elastic base in the FL version absorbs shocks and also serves as a vibration damper. This successfully minimises the risk of damage, making the beacon ideally suited for use in difficult external conditions. The low-noise belt drive ensures reliable and smooth operation.

Product features:

  • Light colour: amber
  • Available as a 12 V and 24 V variant
  • Flexible pipe socket mounting in the FL version
  • Current consumption: 55 watt (12 V variant), 70 watt (24 V variant)
  • Dustproof and high-pressure jet cleaner resistant
  • Weight: 560 g

KL Rota Compact FL 12 V 2RL 009 506-001KL Rota Compact FL 24 V 2RL 009 506-011

  • Impact-resistant, high-quality, convincing - Rota Compact rotating beacon
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