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Work in forestry and the agricultural industry frequently involves the use of heavy vehicles and machinery, such as during harvesting or logging operations. Combines and similar vehicles usually need a lot of room. This is often coupled with the fact they are not that easy to maneuver and the driver's visibility is often limited. This means that clearly warning other road-users early on is a vital part of ensuring the safety of both parties. Beacons with powerful warning effect indicate to other road users that they should take care: work is going on around this vehicle. They ensure maximum safety for user and third-parties using powerful warning signals. This safety is achieved by the optimum light bundling and distribution, the resulting long range as well as the very high light intensity.


  • Combine harvester with HELLA beacon

The most striking feature of the K-LED Rebelution is its unique and unconventional design. It manages without a classical dome and impresses with its discreet, futuristic styling. With a height of only 60 mm and a diameter of 149 mm, the beacon has a very compact size and is therefore ideal for vehicles that are subject to height restrictions. K-LED Rebelution is suitable as a 1:1 replacement for all other permanently installed versions of HELLA beacons. The same hole spacing makes the exchange quick and easy.

Product features:

  • Light colour: Yellow
  • Multivolt (12 V/24 V)
  • Housing: Aluminium
  • Cable length: 150 mm
  • Weight: 690 g including rubber underlay
  • Protection class: IP 6K7, IP 6K9K
  • EMC protection: CISPR 25 class 3 (rotating), CISPR 25 class 5 (flashing)

Fixed attachment, flashing 2XD 455 255-001
Fixed attachment, rotating 2RL 455 256-001

Further information and technical details can be found in our K-LED Rebelution product information and in our Flyer.


The RotaLED Compact is the LED successor to the existing Rotafix, Rotaflex and Rota Compact halogen beacon series. These can now be replaced 1:1 with the RotaLED Compact. The beacon has no movable parts - the flashing light function is generated by maintenance-free and energy-efficient LEDs. For the daily work found in the world of farming, this is especially advantageous. Here we are talking about excellent reliability - working with the RotaLED Compact means that breakdowns can be reduced and downtimes minimised.

The robust construction with the amber dome and the black housing made of polycarbonate provides excellent protection against the strain of a heavy workload, e.g. during harvesting. This is particularly true of the flexible variant, which, thanks to its special design, effectively absorbs shocks and knocks. The light is always returned to the original optimal position, thus reducing the risk of damage.

The RotaLED Compact is also available as a magnetic attachment or as a fixed attachment on top. It therefore offers a great variety of uses.

Product Features:

  • Light colour: amber
  • Light function: flashing, LED
  • SAE Class 2: Multivolt technology (10-32V); SAE Class 3: 12/24 V
  • Current consumption: 10 W (SAE Class 2); 4 W (SAE Class 3)
  • Dust protected and resistant to high-pressure jet cleaners
  • Mounting variants: Fixed, flexi, magnetic

Further details can be obtained in our Short Information and our Product Flyer

The RotaLED Compact,pdf

  • RotaLED_Compact_Highlight_Municipal_HELLA

The HELLA Rota LED features high efficiency with low power consumption, a flat, compact design and a rotating LED light function free of moving parts. Due to the shock-absorbing rubber foot, it is highly resilient to vibration and thus perfectly suited to challenging applications common in forestry and agricultural work. The flat, compact design and impact-resistant polycarbonate dome protect the light from impacts, such as from branches. Three different attachment variants guarantee a solution for every application.

Product features:

  • Light color: Amber
  • Multi-voltage technology (10-32 V)
  • Power consumption: 10 watts
  • Resistant to dust and high-pressure jet cleaners
  • Mounting variants: Fixed, Flexible, Magnetic
  • Weight: 850 g (Fixed), 970 g (Flexible), 930 g (Magnetic)

KL Rota LED F       2RL 010 979-001
KL Rota LED FL     2RL 010 979-011
KL Rota LED M     2RL 010 979-021

You can find additional product information and technical specifications at
Rota LED product information 

RotaLED Compact,pdf


  • Reliable warning effect using LED technology with the Rota LED from HELLA

The HELLA Rotaflex beacon is distinguished by its compact design and unmistakable style. It is also incredibly durable thanks to a particularly impact-resistant dome made of polycarbonate and pipe-socket mounting with an impact-absorbing, vibration-dampening base. This makes the light particularly ideal for use under large loads – an important criterion in forestry and agricultural work.

Product features:

  • Light color: Amber
  • Available as a 12 V or 24 V variant
  • Flexible pipe-socket mounting
  • Resistant to dust and high-pressure jet cleaners
  • Power consumption: 55 watts (12 V variant), 70 watts (24 V variant)
  • Weight: 840 g

KL Rotaflex FL  12V  2RL 006 846-001
KL Rotaflex FL  24V  2RL 006 846-011

  • The Rotaflex from HELLA—resilience in an unmistakable design

The Rota Compact rotating beacon from HELLA is small and impact-resistant, featuring state of the art technology and good light values. The elastic base in its FL version absorbs impacts and works as a vibration damper. This successfully keeps the risk of damage to a minimum, making the light ideal for use even in the harshest ambient conditions. The low-noise belt drive provides smooth, reliable functionality.

Product features:

  • Light color: Amber
  • Available as a 12 V or 24 V variant
  • Flexible pipe-socket mounting in the FL version
  • Power consumption: 55 watts (12 V variant), 70 watts (24 V variant)
  • Resistant to dust and high-pressure jet cleaners
  • Weight: 560 g

KL Rota Compact FL  12V  2RL 009 506-001
KL Rota Compact FL  24V  2RL 009 506-011

  • Impact-resistant, high-grade, impressive - Rota Compact rotating beacon
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