Allow me to introduce myself. My name is "Schlüter".

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is "Schlüter".


It really does warm the cockles of our hearts when very special personalities get in touch with us. Like, for example, this older, wise gentleman who goes by the name of "Schlüter".


Built in 1950, but still firing on all cylinders: post from the Schlüter diesel tractor DS 15

And sometimes a really special postal delivery arrives at our door. Such as, for example, these beautiful photos of this well-preserved piece of classic agricultural machinery. They turned up together with a letter that the veteran tractor had obviously written itself. A tractor that writes? Of course, we don't want to keep this sensation from you.



Schlüter: "It goes without saying that I still have the TÜV certificate, the German MOT!"

In a letter to the HELLA editorial team, Schlüter freely admits that it is still sprightly: "But I must confess that the requirements demanded by the world of agriculture have changed enormously." However the tractor emphasises that "despite my age, everything still works on me." In its "active" period, it had performed its work every day with the grandfather of its current owner Wilfried, but today says: "Nowadays, I am a little "weary with age", but still in top condition - as you can see." Yes, Schlüter, we can indeed see that! 


Now it is clearly enjoying its retirement, making short trips through the countryside or going to tractor meetings. It adds: "Granted, I do these things mostly when the weather is good." Nevertheless, it still has the TÜV certificate, its MOT!



Schlüter: "I've been associated with HELLA for a long time!"

The reason for the letter to us can be found in the following lines: "I have been closely associated with HELLA since 1950 and my HELLA headlamps still reliably illuminate my way home at night."


How nice to hear from such an old friend! And Schlüter continues: "Safe journey to all the tractor friends out there. Maybe we'll meet up sometime." Regards from "Schlüter" Dear "Schlüter", We send you and your family all our best wishes right back – and we also wish you lots more safe driving! Your "old" friends at HELLA