Accessories and spare parts
HELLA offers the right lighting solutions for farmers
Accessories and spare parts

Quality that counts—Accessories and spare parts from HELLA

Long operating periods, dust, humidity, heat, vibrations - the operating conditions in agriculture and forestry are harsh and demanding and the requirements for the materials in use are just as stringent. This also particularly affects accessory products and spare parts such as electronic components, light bulbs, and wiper blades—just to name a few. While these parts often work in the background unnoticed, they play a critical role in ensuring that the vehicles and machinery being used operate smoothly.

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When working with heavy vehicles and  machinery in agricultural and forestry work, the aspect of safety plays a critical role. Other road users need to be warned of approaching or reversing vehicles clearly and early on—and this has to be done visually as well as audibly. So choose horns and backup alarms from HELLA—where they have a long-standing tradition. We have been developing and producing acoustic signaling devices for almost 100 years. Profit from our experience and select the right product for your application from our wide product range.
You can find more detailed information on individual variants in our horns and trumpet horns brochure.

  • Acoustic warning signals from HELLA—explore our product range!

Switches are needed for a wide variety of functions at various locations in a vehicle. HELLA offers an extensive product range of module switches—many of which have been specially designed for use in forestry and agricultural equipment, such as the new waterproof 3100 series.
You can also find more detailed information and an overview of the various series in our module switch brochure.

  • HELLA module switches - versatile switching options combined with striking design

The vehicles and work machinery used in agriculture and forestry are usually a hefty investment. As a result, theft can quickly lead to significant financial damages—not to mention the risk of downtime. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you protect your vehicle from unauthorized use. The new electronic and fully integrated immobilizer from HELLA is ideal for this and comes certified by the German Federal Office for Motor Vehicles (KBA). It cannot be detected by unauthorized persons, severely hindering any attempt at stealing the vehicle. Play it safe—with the immobilizer from HELLA.
You can find more detailed information and technical specifications in the immobilizer product information.

  • HELLA electronic immobilizer for agricultural and forestry machinery

Ignition and starter switches are an essential component for operating vehicles and machinery of all kinds. These are parts where you should spare no expense, since any kind of outage typically means the vehicle cannot be operated.

  • Reliable and durable—ignition and starter switches from HELLA

A battery isolator switch serves an important safety function by providing effective protection from both theft and the risk of fire in the event of an accident or vehicle defect. This means the isolator switch makes a vital contribution to operating safety and reliability, particularly for forestry and agricultural equipment, since they may effectively prevent long periods of downtime. HELLA has many years of experience developing and manufacturing battery isolator switches, providing the high quality and functional safety you expect. Put your trust in the original—because nothing is more aggravating than vehicle downtime caused by low-cost components.
For more detailed technical information and a product overview, refer to our battery isolator switch product information.

  • HELLA battery isolator switch—high-quality functional safety

Most people put little thought into their light bulbs—they simply take for granted that they work. However, an outage can quickly turn into aggravating downtimes, following the adage, "small parts, big problems". In commercial sectors like agriculture and forestry, this is particularly apt to entail financial damages. It is best to have a suitable spare part on hand—even better if the spare is from HELLA, because we are experts in light bulb development. The unbeatable combination of performance and quality mean you are always right behind the wheel, and provides more brightness and greater safety. Our innovative bulb configurator helps you to find the right light bulbs for your vehicle and your requirements. An overview of our extensive range of light bulbs can also be found in our light bulb brochure.

  • Bulbs from your light experts—HELLA

Wiper blades are small technical masterpieces. In the course of their life, they clear thousands of liters of water from windshields. They effectively deal with fog streaks, snow, ice, insects and dirty water from vehicles ahead. They work hard and provide a good reason for choosing HELLA wiper blades when replacement is necessary. Good visibility is of particular importance during everyday work in agriculture and forestry - and using bad wiper blades can have dire consequences. So trust in the quality of HELLA wiper blades. They may be small, but their contribution to road safety is great. Easily and conveniently find the right wiper blades for your vehicle using our wiper blade configuration tool. You can also find more detailed information and an overview of our product range in our wiper blade brochure.

  • Small technical masterpieces—wiper blades from HELLA

Mirrors provide essential support when maneuvering large and cumbersome vehicles and machinery that are commonly found in agriculture and forestry. Their help is a necessity for truly controlling heavy vehicles with precision—for your own safety and that of other road users. HELLA has an extensive range of vehicle-specific mirrors for commercial vehicles. A wide range of products and good coverage alone would not be enough; we place a special emphasis on quality. HELLA mirrors are subject to the strictest quality requirements during development and manufacturing. Under the most extreme conditions, the mirrors are tested to the limits of their ability to withstand stress. This allows us to ensure that only high-quality materials are used and meet the stringent requirements. Trust in proven HELLA quality when choosing a mirror.

  • Vehicle-specific mirrors in typical HELLA high quality

HELLA offers a comprehensive range of products in the area of electrical installation material that covers all operative requirements, including those involving truck applications. Products include fuses and plug connectors as well as a wide variety of cables, cable connectors and insulation and bundling materials. Many more products – from trailer connection units, to battery terminals, through to hose and pipe clamps – round off our comprehensive range.
And since electrical installations are not possible without the right tools at hand, HELLA provides the solutions needed here as well, as our crimping tools, release tools and tool boxes are even good enough to meet professional requirements.


Even the best vehicle components are of little help without the right installation materials. One wrong step here can have disastrous effects, from breaking the installed part to a cable fire, with unimaginable consequences. This is especially true for expensive machinery, where the costs of damage can quickly reach several digits. This means it is always important to choose high-quality products, such as those from HELLA. We offer an extensive range of installation materials, whether you are looking for a spare part or installing additional loads involving lighting, electrical systems or electronics.

  • Quality down to the detail—vehicle electrical systems and installation materials from HELLA

Truly ideal use of work lights requires that they are correctly and securely mounted to the vehicle. This is the only way to ensure that the headlamps remain securely mounted to the vehicle even amid severe stresses and vibrations and that the range of operation remains optimally illuminated at all times. Cutting corners when choosing mounting material can lead to broken holders and other aggravating defects, potentially causing damage to the work lights in the worst cases.
Make the choice for proven HELLA quality, even for these supposedly small, unimportant parts. We offer a wide range of products for various mountings!


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