Your tractor will be in love at first sight

Your tractor will be in love at first sight


Design AND robustness for agricultural and forestry equipment – a combination which your work horses will love equally on the road and in the field! They are known as K-LED Rebelution. Their mission is to keep you safe through visibility for everyday agricultural use – and to do so under the toughest of conditions and during continuous use …


A combination with a distinctive futuristic design and well-engineered function

Agricultural and forestry equipment aren't just a means for work – they are faithful companions, working day in day out on the land. So we didn't just produce a beacon for the agricultural sector but instead we produced a design that is worthy of your machinery.

Anyone who sees the K-LED Rebelution, will instantly recognize that this beacon isn't just a designer piece, they'll also be surprised by its well-engineered functional concept. Rather than a classic dome, it sets a minimalist tone with maximum impact.

•   The specially developed LED technology of the K-LED Rebelution enables a permanently visible warning signal to be produced for the first time when the lighting function is rotating, as well as – an even stronger circumferential signal. As a result, it delivers a 360° warning, that is reliably perceived by the human eye but doesn't dazzle.
•    In the flashing variant, the 8 mm high, all-round light exit area of the K-LED Rebelution produces an intensive double flash signal. Thanks to LED EdgeLight technology, this ensures that no-one can miss you on the field or road – even in the dark.


Stylistic understatement: an uncomplicated heroine for gigantic equipment

The K-LED Rebelution is compact and easy to mount on your machinery. With a height of around just 60 mm, a 149 mm diameter and the same hole spacing as all permanent versions of HELLA beacons, it can replace them like for like, making it perfect for a quick upgrade to your agricultural equipment. When it comes to maintenance, your K-LED Rebelution is again very simple: it requires virtually no maintenance – even if used continuously in the field and on the road.

And if you need to replace the connecting cables? No problem: polarity reversal protection will protect your electronics. We call this a "Fit & Forget" solution.

The housing comes in black as standard and its restrained design means that it unobtrusively integrates into the overall appearance of your agricultural equipment. The Rebelution just gets on with its job of reliably drawing the attention of other road users to you to make your life safer.


Further highlights of the K-LED Rebelution:

•    Thanks to the strong, fully bonded aluminium and polycarbonate housing, the K-LED Rebelution is protected against branches, strong vibrations, external environmental factors such as dust and water – you can even clean it with a high-pressure hose, making it perfect for agricultural requirements.
•    The K-LED Rebelution delivers impressively low energy consumption: high-quality LEDs and refined electronics with low current consumption ensure that it offers complete electromagnetic compatibility and doesn't interfere with other signals – as well as preserving your vehicle battery.
•    ECE-R65 and ECE-R10: keywords for agricultural and forestry equipment. It goes without saying that K-LED Rebelution is approved for use on public roads.


HELLA - the partner for lighting and electronics with a true passion

Innovative design and function – our developers have achieved both with the K-LED Rebelution! One way in which they have achieved this us by transferring the EdgeLight technology originally used in rear lights to the optical warning systems.