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Light technologies

For any use: Light technology from HELLA

In order for users to realize an optimal price-performance ratio for their specific application, HELLA offers a broad assortment of work lights using a wide variety of technologies—from halogen to xenon to cutting-edge LED designs.
You can find an overview of the properties of the different technologies below. Detailed information is available in our work light brochure. And, you can use our light comparison tool ELIVER to compare different lighting solutions under realistic conditions at the click of a button.

Our halogen spotlights for your agricultural machinery.
More safety for work in the field with halogen headlamps.
Detect obstacles on time - with halogen headlights.
LED work lights always ensure outstanding visibility.

The tried and proven halogen technology with traditional H3 or refined H9/HB3 light bulbs provides strong light quality with low investment costs. Light colors of 2,500 Kelvin (H3) or 3,200 Kelvin (H9/HB3) enable outstanding lighting for your work area. Furthermore, the H9/HB3 lights offer additional advantages: Direct access from outside makes it possible to change the lamp without opening the headlamp housing. Functional, robust and inexpensive—halogen work lights from HELLA are the perfect choice for cost-conscious users that do not want to miss out on usual HELLA quality.


Xenon technology has become an integral part of work light development. This is for good reason, since the advantages compared to halogen technology are clear to see.  They feature significantly brighter and wider work area illumination, giving them a substantial advantage for safety. The 4150 Kelvin color temperature mimics natural sunlight, ensuring good lighting conditions and fatigue-free viewing. Together with a high service life, lower power requirements and increased reliability thanks to the light arc's resistance to impacts, xenon work lights are the first choice for any application that places especially high demands on lighting quality.


The latest LED developments in the work light field are already so advanced that they even outperform xenon light. Additionally, LEDs offer high color temperatures of around 6,000 Kelvin, thus guaranteeing illumination just like daylight. Working under these kinds of lighting conditions is gentle on your eyes, and it helps you to stay on task for longer. In addition to the high light output, however, LEDs have even more advantages: They are almost maintenance-free and have an extremely long operating life. They are exceptionally durable and 100% water-tight and dust-tight. Compared to xenon lights, they use even less energy, making them even more energy efficient. Last but not least, their compact size enables use in design possibilities that were previously impossible.

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