Fall under the spell of our Black Magic Cubes

Fall under the spell of our Black Magic Cubes

What could be nicer than honest-to-goodness, dirty mud splatters and splashes on your vehicle after a long “tour of duty”? Right: the finishing touch to your masterpiece has got to be your favourite kind of lamp, which can indeed take a lot of punishment. And that is exactly the reason why we have built the Black Magic Cubes to be extra robust. But that's not all because these work lamps are ideal if you’re looking for a design upgrade of your vehicle. With the all-black look, they match any vehicle colour and because of their size and design, they are very easy to install. And of one thing we are certain: these lamps will turn your vehicle, too, into an eye-catcher!


It doesn't get any more smouldering or any darker: the elegant look in black

Our "little black numbers" are a real eye-catcher with their elegant and timeless all-black look. And when we say "all in black", we mean it. Even the brackets are not out of line when it comes to the colour. So are you already beginning to fall in love? But wait a moment, this really is just the start. Take, for example, the cleverly thought-out design, where we have dispensed with dirt traps such as edges and corners – so even after a mud fight, the lamp looks spotless again in no time at all, without the need for any lengthy scrubbing. Our Cubes are available in two sizes: there is the 2.7ʺ and for more flexibility a 3.2ʺ variant. But enough of the external features. As is well known, true greatness comes from within – and our lamps also have a lot to offer in this respect. You will notice this at the very latest when you switch on the Black Magic Cubes. Then the sun will rise even at night – thanks to modern LED technology with its high luminous efficacy. The Cubes can therefore be used as work lamps in an off-road setting and safety is guaranteed. The 2.7ʺ version has a wide close-range illumination, our 3.2ʺ model additionally has a long-range spot illumination – so you always have everything in view. In addition, you can mount the 3.2ʺ variant in an upright or pendant position or integrate it into the bodywork or bumper of your tractor.


Easy installation thanks to mounting accessories!

Time is a scarce commodity – this is especially true for you farmers. So when we deliver Black Magic Cubes, we provide you with everything you need for a quick and easy installation: the set has two work lamps and includes a wiring harness with DT connector, switch, connector and relay. The scope of delivery of the individual lamps includes a 500 mm cable with DT connector. You must be amazed by our fantastic lamps? We can understand that. So here is an overview of everything you need to know about our Black Magic Cubes:


  • A completely dark appearance including black brackets
  • The slim design prevents dust and dirt from getting trapped in the edges
  • Each kit contains the wiring harness with DT connector, switch, connector and relay
  • The surface mounting versions are also available as individual lamps with a 500 mm cable (DT connector)
  • Compact design for universal installation