HELLA radio control system
HELLA Agriculture
HELLA radio control system

Radio control system for agricultural and construction vehicles

Das Funk-Steuersystem für Land- und Baumaschinen von HELLA
The robust radio control system from HELLA for agricultural and construction vehicles makes it possible for the driver to unlock the cab door conveniently. An additional control unit with up to four output signals also allows lamps, such as work lights or the coming home function, to be activated. HELLA’s radio control system can also easily be used to activate direction indicators and to release or lock covers to engine compartments or toolboxes, for example.

The radio transmitter consists of two units: The radio transmitter electronics and the transponder. The transponder responsible for the immobilizer function is independent from radio transmitter electronics and can be customized.

The radio remote control is equipped with a receptacle for a mechanical key bit. This is not included as part of the radio transmitter electronics and is generally mounted by the customer.

Two radio transmitter keys are teached in and assigned to the device during production. Teaching in additional radio transmitter keys in the field requires at least one functioning, programmed key. Up to 7 radio transmitter keys can be teached in. If the maximum number of radio transmitter keys has already been teached in, the last key place is overwritten when teaching in another key.
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