LED licence plate lamp

Surface mounted variant - only one lamp per licence plate
The use of a housing creates a classic surface mounted variant for trailer applications.
Thanks to the optimised light yield, only one lamp is required at the side for each licence plate (520 mm).

Integrated variant
Thanks to the attractive flat design, the lamp can easily be installed above the licence plate. 2 LED licence plate lamps are required for even illumination of the licence plate.

Power LEDs with a long life design
Perfect light yield thanks to a combination of 4 power LEDs with a precision lens.
Operating life of more than 30,000 hours. No need to replace throughout the vehicle's lifetime.

Extremely low power consumption
The use of power LEDs means improved light yield with less power consumption.

Excellent dust and waterproofing
The high degree of protection, IP 6K9K, is ensured by the encapsulation technology.

12 V and 24 V types
Widespread use in many vehicles and target groups is ensured by 12 V and 24 V types.