LED daytime running lights – for more safety and individuality

Exciting styling and improved traffic safety – impossible? Our award-winning LED daytime running lights are the perfect choice. As the innovation leader in automotive original equipment, HELLA also sets daytime running light standards with LED lighting technology.

Daytime running lights offer more safety than dipped beam

Daytime running light offers decisive safety benefits in road traffic and reduces 58 % of all accidents with serious injuries.* Prompted by these figures, HELLA developed special daytime running lights long before they became a legal requirement, thus making an important contribution to improving driving safety.

HELLA daytime running light produces a passively radiating white signal light. This helps other road users to see the vehicle more quickly and easily. This in turn means improved reaction times and considerable safety benefits.

* Study by the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research on behalf of the EU.

Top styling and excellent signal effect

The power LED: Optimum light yield thanks to a combination of power LEDs and individual precision reflectors. Design life at least 15,000 hours – and thus 30 times more than a normal light bulb.
Precision reflector: The light from the power LEDs is bundled, thus ensuring excellent illumination and an excellent signal effect.
Clear lens: The inside of the lamp impresses with particularly clean and precise workmanship; the reflectors and LEDs are visible thanks to the clear look.
Convenient operation: The integrated automatically switches on the daytime running light with the ignition. When the driver manually switches on the vehicle's regular running light, the daytime running light is automatically switched off.
Installation: daytime running lights can be installed to suit your requirements – upright or hanging, using threaded joints, latching, a mounting plate, or also with the universal bracket included in the scope of supply.
Design: The right product for each installation. HELLA LED daytime running lights are available in round or rectangular versions, and also in a trendy, bar-shaped design.
Award winning: HELLA daytime running lights impress with their design. For example, the LEDayLine won the "Caravaning Design Award 2008/2009". The innovative styling reflects the current trends in the passenger vehicle sector.

The benefits of modern LED lighting technology at a glance

Extremely low energy consumption: The combination of efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) and precision lenses allows HELLA LED daytime running light to output 4 times more light per watt than legacy filament lamps and halogen lamps.
No light source changes needed, no maintenance, and an extremely long design life: LEDs are semiconductor components and thus do not have a fragile filament. On top of this, LEDs are totally resilient against knocks and vibration. This guarantees lighting and safety in any scenario. In addition to this, the design life of the LED is approx. 15,000 operating hours, and thus greater than the total mileage of any vehicle.
LED Multivolt™ technology: Multivolt™ circuits keep the light output constant over a voltage range of 9 to 33 volts. This makes it possible to use the same HELLA daytime running light for both 12 and 24 volt applications. Multivolt™ also compensates for voltage fluctuations caused by the use of long heads or plug-in connections, or arising in the vehicle's electric system. On top of this, HELLA Multivolt™ circuits are protected against polarity reversal and surge voltage, thus delivering reliable safety.

Daytime running as a mandatory legal requirement
To improve road traffic safety, the European Commission decided to make equipping all new vehicle types with daytime running light mandatory as of 2011. Many EU countries have reacted to this and introduced a mandatory lighting requirement.